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    It’s LIVE!!

    So the FREE Wikkid Sexy Cool Ebook Sampler is finally LIVE on Amazon.com

    Just click the photo to be re-directed:


    WSC ebook sampler small copy


    The Sampler is free from 9/30 10/1 and 10/2


    Rundown on which excerpts are included in this promotional ebook:
    Hui – Korean ballet dancer falls for African American Ballerina © 2014


    Promo for the book Hui resized2



    Ivy League – After a torrid affair in college, two wealthy and politically ambitious rivals connect again on Capitol Hill  © 2014




    RUSH: Rory and Roxie’s story
    (spin off novella from the RUSH series)  © 2014


    Rory and Roxie in a sequel to RUSH



    RUSH: Unforgettable (spin off novella from the RUSH series) © 2014


    Dane2a copy with watermark
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    Taking that next step: Filmmaking

    First, I have to say this never would’ve been possible without the proceeds from my books. So I have to give a great big grateful THANK YOU to all those who’ve bought (and continue to buy) my novels.

    In addition to writing, I’ve also been moving into the ranks of independent filmmaking. It’s something I truly love to do and I think more minority writers may need to take that step.

    For anyone who may be interested in more diversity on screen via independent filmmaking, I’ll list the equipment I’ve acquired after careful research, especially for a filmmaker on a budget. This has always been a major part of my platform as there are more avenues for independent works to be seen, so now is the perfect time.


    Hui promo for The Dance small size


    For me, everything starts with the written word. From there I’m able to give the characters their own unique personalities and world build. The promos and GIFS come next, then the book trailers, so film is simply an extension of all the other things I love to do.

    Not every ebook I write will turn into a film. But each book I write helps me become a better author.


    Kenya and Brandon at the Capitol small pic





    To be continued . . .

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    March Madness! More Free Downloads this month

    Download December was such a success, it’s being repeated with our own romance March Madness! Starting March 18th to March 20th, free downloads of several ebook excerpts will be available.

    Multi-chapter excerpts that are called SNEAK PEEKS (these excerpts are much larger than the free views available on this site) will be up at Amazon. Get a first look at several released and soon to be released books:


    The Player promo1
    Trinidad beauty queen falls for NFL player


    The Player
    The Player




    Miss Brighton's School for Exceptional Young Ladies
    Miss Brighton’s School for Exceptional Young Ladies


    Please spread the word as WSC spreads the love this March!

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    A big Thank You to readers outside of the U.S.

    I’m very grateful to all the readers who purchase my ebooks, and I have noticed readers buying from other countries.

    One of my many goals in writing and self publishing concerns having a lead female character from outside of the United States. For 2014, the Caribbean Islands represented in each of the three books below are:

    Love and Baseball – Barbados

    The Player – Trinidad

    Game. Set. Love. – Jamaica



    In addition, I have ebooks that didn’t come out last year, but I hope to have out in early 2014 with female lead characters from other parts of the world:

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    Asian Men Deserve More . . .

    This BUZZFEED article is a must read! Asian men need more representation, not just on film, but in books:




    Boys ‘N Love and Magic



    BOYS ‘N LOVE AND MAGIC  has Malia Toussaint paired with Corey Yune.

    In VALKYRIE JONES, Valencia Perez is paired with Kai Ioki:


    Kai, Son of Loki
    Valkyrie Jones




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    JUKEBOX Volume Two change

    I’ve made a change to the cover of JUKEBOX Volume II:


    JUKEBOX Volume II


    This was the previous cover:


    JUKEBOX Volume II (Old version)



    Since the covers depict the primary characters (Eli, upper left, Simone upper right, Johnny in the middle) during the 70s, the new cover makes Johnny a bit more prominent.

    JUKEBOX Volume II

    With the 60’s coming to a close, Simone Westwood Burr is a nineteen year old superstar dubbed the “Siren of Soul” with her funky, cutting edge music. Now married to the ultimate bad boy of Southern Rock, she tries to juggle a career and being a new mother,

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    JUKEBOX – Official release on June 5th

    Now that Jukebox is no longer in the running for one of the top three slots in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards, I’m releasing the ebook Tuesday, June 5th and using the semi-finalist status for marketing purposes.




    I’m still trying to figure out how to add the back cover to Kindle 🙂 so I’ve downloaded a few tools to study, like Mobi and Calibre.


    Back cover of JUKEBOX Volume One




    Congrats to the finalists in YA fiction and General fiction! Please go to Amazon and read their excerpts so you can vote for the winners in these two categories.