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Taking that next step: Filmmaking

First, I have to say this never would’ve been possible without the proceeds from my books. So I have to give a great big grateful THANK YOU to all those who’ve bought (and continue to buy) my novels.

In addition to writing, I’ve also been moving into the ranks of independent filmmaking. It’s something I truly love to do and I think more minority writers may need to take that step.

For anyone who may be interested in more diversity on screen via independent filmmaking, I’ll list the equipment I’ve acquired after careful research, especially for a filmmaker on a budget. This has always been a major part of my platform as there are more avenues for independent works to be seen, so now is the perfect time.


Hui promo for The Dance small size


For me, everything starts with the written word. From there I’m able to give the characters their own unique personalities and world build. The promos and GIFS come next, then the book trailers, so film is simply an extension of all the other things I love to do.

Not every ebook I write will turn into a film. But each book I write helps me become a better author.


Kenya and Brandon at the Capitol small pic





To be continued . . .

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