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Harlow Jennings has always been complimented on her beauty. More than a few admirers make it a point to tell her she’s very pretty, for a dark skinned woman. Harlow’s managed to support herself and her daughter, even keeping her child out of the media storm surrounding her ex-husband, a rapper she grew up with in Trinidad and whose manic outbursts are almost as famous as he is.

Trinidad beauty queen falls for NFL quarterback
Trinidad beauty queen falls for NFL quarterback


Though their divorce was drama-free, Harlow’s ex isn’t quite ready to let her go, especially into the waiting arms of Kyle McClure.

Kyle’s a star quarterback and a former undrafted free agent whose superhuman efforts on the field have made him the Raleigh Renegades franchise player. Over the years he’s pushed his body to the edge, but with a large extended family to support, Kyle’s life has never truly been his own.

He realizes Harlow’s what his hectic life has been missing, and Harlow’s receptive, but she’s not willing to take second place to yet another famous male’s career, or Kyle’s domineering sister. Although she’s ready to move on, her ex is making it mighty hard. And Kyle’s not backing down either. So what’s a girl to do, besides . . . play on.


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