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A big Thank You to readers outside of the U.S.

I’m very grateful to all the readers who purchase my ebooks, and I have noticed readers buying from other countries.

One of my many goals in writing and self publishing concerns having a lead female character from outside of the United States. For 2014, the Caribbean Islands represented in each of the three books below are:

Love and Baseball – Barbados

The Player – Trinidad

Game. Set. Love. – Jamaica



In addition, I have ebooks that didn’t come out last year, but I hope to have out in early 2014 with female lead characters from other parts of the world:

Raquel is Dominican and featured in the PN Romance Immortal Beloved:


Immortal Beloved


Motorcycle gang member and refugee from Somalia fall for each other





Link: RUSH excerpt





Additionally, RAZHER is from New Zealand and she is of Maori and African American heritage. Valkyrie Jones is Puerto-Rican, Malia Toussaint (Boys ‘N Love and Magic) is Haitian American. Trayvon Wilfredo Lima from UNSPOKEN is Afro-Cuban, and he is introduced in the sequel to The Stone Boy.



Unspoken ebook cover



An American divorcee falls for her Somali Bantu college instructor in Make Me Yours, which also includes the characters of Nevaeh and Josh from HEAVEN and also Nicole and Derek from The Stone Boy.


Make Me Yours




Valerius Rex, a sword and sandals tale set during the Crusades, with an Ethiopian heroine



I’m currently editing the sequel to Razher and the historical romance novel Gaijin. I didn’t get to release all the books I wanted to this year, but I hope to have them out shortly.

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