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Equal Opportunity Appreciation

First, here’s the link to a three chapter excerpt from the upcoming ebook  RAZHER, Rise of the Gargoyles excerpt


I love men, I cannot lie. I find them fascinating, at times infuriating and oh so SEXY. So while I’ve got ebooks pairing African American heroines with white males, rest assured that I haven’t forgotten men of color. There are more ebooks coming out with male protags of Asian, African, African American, Hispanic and First Nations heritage. I’m also starting a series based on five males who share a dorm (suite) in college, but I think it will be in serial form, and housed on this site for the first few chapters.

My goal is to tie in characters from other books who pop up every now and then. I’m also still editing away, because a writer’s work is never done, especially if you write and edit your own books (like I do). I’m also working on promos so that I lessen the eye strain of editing text only, and here’s a peek at a few of them:






The next excerpt is from BEFORE I LET GO




 There’s no clickable link yet to the GIF below. I’m just posting the promo for this historical romance/epic on an African American female comedian, and her love/hate relationship with the nephew who reluctantly follows in her footsteps.





Brilliant comic. Flawed woman. One legendary career.

Most people recognize the face, if not the name. That apple cheeked, rich brown face with the inviting smile that adorns baking products worldwide. Older movie goers fondly recall her role as the friendly, wise cracking maid in over one hundred films. But to her family and spurned lovers, the tongue of Honi Hawkins was brutally uncompromising and anything but funny, as she strived to become THE QUEEN OF COMEDY. ©


The Queen of Comedy takes center stage




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