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A Quiet Riot

First, congratulations to the Jackie Robinson West team for winning the 2014 US Little League Championship!!

2014 US Little League World Champs! They're so CUTE!
2014 US Little League Champs! They’re so CUTE!


They hail from Chicago, so go Chi-town! Next up is a formidable team from South Korea. All the teams should be proud of their sportsmanship, parental and fan support, and love for the game which was on full display.

I think this pic shows what else I’ve been up to:


RIOT small copy with watermark copy
RIOT – A black officer is caught between the community she serves and the thin blue line she must uphold.


This will be a continuing serial on my blog, but it won’t be set in Ferguson. It’ll be in a fictional town where everyone believes race is no problem, until it is.

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