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    If I Were a Boy

    His name is Ozzy, and he’s a fictional rapper in my ebook The Player:


    Ozzy on his own copy

    Veterinarian and sometime singer Adam Takaura is also introduced in the book. Since I already had Hui’s spot on imitation of Michael Jackson in the ebook HUI, Adam’s passion is for R&B music.


    There are a number of Asian singers who can SANGGGG. Check out JiHwan, 지환 He’s South Korean (1/2 of duo called 2BiC). I first saw him on Youtube in these videos: JiHwan covers R&B singer Joe’s “(All The Things) Your Man won’t Do”


    JiHwan covers R&B singer Donnie Hathaway’s “A Song for You:

      I LOVE his voice. 


    You can check out his new video here:    


    Just finished up some new promos for JUKEBOX Volume II, the sequel to JUKEBOX Volume I. Volume II is set in the late 1960s to the 1970s:

    JUKEBOX VOL 2 promos copy
    Funk and Soul Diva Simone Westwood is married to badboy Southern Rocker Johnny Burr in the ebook JUKEBOX Volume II.



    Black Power salute and the African roots movement are featured in JUKEBOX Volume II


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    A Quiet Riot

    First, congratulations to the Jackie Robinson West team for winning the 2014 US Little League Championship!!

    2014 US Little League World Champs! They're so CUTE!
    2014 US Little League Champs! They’re so CUTE!


    They hail from Chicago, so go Chi-town! Next up is a formidable team from South Korea. All the teams should be proud of their sportsmanship, parental and fan support, and love for the game which was on full display.

    I think this pic shows what else I’ve been up to:


    RIOT small copy with watermark copy
    RIOT – A black officer is caught between the community she serves and the thin blue line she must uphold.


    This will be a continuing serial on my blog, but it won’t be set in Ferguson. It’ll be in a fictional town where everyone believes race is no problem, until it is.

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    JUKEBOX Volume Two

    A bit of a teaser for JUKEBOX Volume Two, set for release in September.

    Country deep Southern Rock, the first sighting of Glitter and Glam, and Soul Music gets downright Funky.  Simone, Eli and Johnny are forever changed during the decade of free love, black power and violent protests over the Vietnam War.

    While JUKEBOX Volume one was a YA novel, Volume Two is an adult historical.


    JUKEBOX Volume Two



    Also, a free excerpt of the paranormal serial novella RAZHER will be up this week!


    Alpha Girls Series Book One: RAZHER


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    JUKEBOX – Official release on June 5th

    Now that Jukebox is no longer in the running for one of the top three slots in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards, I’m releasing the ebook Tuesday, June 5th and using the semi-finalist status for marketing purposes.




    I’m still trying to figure out how to add the back cover to Kindle 🙂 so I’ve downloaded a few tools to study, like Mobi and Calibre.


    Back cover of JUKEBOX Volume One




    Congrats to the finalists in YA fiction and General fiction! Please go to Amazon and read their excerpts so you can vote for the winners in these two categories.