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JUKEBOX – Official release on June 5th

Now that Jukebox is no longer in the running for one of the top three slots in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards, I’m releasing the ebook Tuesday, June 5th and using the semi-finalist status for marketing purposes.




I’m still trying to figure out how to add the back cover to Kindle 🙂 so I’ve downloaded a few tools to study, like Mobi and Calibre.


Back cover of JUKEBOX Volume One




Congrats to the finalists in YA fiction and General fiction! Please go to Amazon and read their excerpts so you can vote for the winners in these two categories.


As for JUKEBOX, I’ve added new scenes to the  ebook (Westwood and Burr get to perform at the legendary Apollo theater with Otis Redding, steamy love scenes between Simone and Johnny, etc). The book is just over 80,000 words, and its a YA historical. **Update** The first four chapters can be read via the Look Inside feature on Amazon, or you can read them here:


Blurb on the novel:

Growing up during the civil rights movement, fifteen year old Simone doesn’t care about being part of history. She doesn’t want to go to a recently integrated school where the kids hate her. But when she meets Eli and Johnny Burr, two talented Rockabilly teens, their lives become inextricably intertwined. She forms an R&B duo with Eli, and they hit the big time. But fame turns out to be more restricting than the small, segregated town they escaped from. Eli’s forced to hide his true sexual orientation while Simone and Johnny have a tragic road to love. Simone’s singing career soars, but she has to fight for the money and respect that Eli easily gets just because he’s a man.
In their journey to the top of the music charts, Eli, Simone and Johnny share acceptance, friendship and love. It’s what happens to the trio once the music stops, and the media spotlight is on their unconventional relationship that will test their fans, their families, and each of them. ©



Upcoming release:

Boys N Love and Magic




Malia joins RAZHER the she-wolf and VALKYRIE JONES as paranormal teens with a diverse secondary cast of characters. In addition, I sought to make their racial and ethnic makeup more inclusive. Razher is African American and Maori, Valkyrie Jones is African American and Hispanic, and Malia is African and African American.


The Psi trio




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