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    WSC Book Sampler

    The WSC Book Sampler is almost complete. I think the change to this mock up cover will be a different background. But I’m also going to write a blog post to give easy to follow instructions on how an author/cover creator can use a few programs like Paint.net (which is free) or even Adobe Elements (not free, but not costly) to make their own cover designs.


    Just click the image for a larger view:

    Wikkidsexycool book sampler


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    JUKEBOX Volume Two

    A bit of a teaser for JUKEBOX Volume Two, set for release in September.

    Country deep Southern Rock, the first sighting of Glitter and Glam, and Soul Music gets downright Funky.  Simone, Eli and Johnny are forever changed during the decade of free love, black power and violent protests over the Vietnam War.

    While JUKEBOX Volume one was a YA novel, Volume Two is an adult historical.


    JUKEBOX Volume Two



    Also, a free excerpt of the paranormal serial novella RAZHER will be up this week!


    Alpha Girls Series Book One: RAZHER


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    Next week is Paranormal Week!

    Next week two paranormal romances will be released.  Sorry, editing (or what I like to call “don’t release it to the public even after the 20th edit) is compulsive for me. I’m never satisfied. So I’m tentatively looking at sometime next week to release this book. Unfortunately that throws off the other releases.


    First up is RAZHER, a Young Adult Paranormal ebook:


    Alpha Girls Series Book One: RAZHER


    Her book will be released on Wednesday, June 20th.


    An adult paranormal ebook will be released on Friday, June 22nd  TBA. This book is EPIC. It’s over 100,000 words and a djinn is the main character. However, that fine werewolf Andre Santana’s origins are revealed in this book. If I had a wish list regarding who would play the main characters in a movie, I’d like Michael Fassbender (lovesick Victorian Era Vampire in a modern world), Paula Patton (as the female djinn he searches for) and Lee Thompson Young as Andre Santana (a newly turned “lone Wolf” who teams up with the vampire).


    Michael Fassbender



    Paula Patton



    Lee Thompson Young



    There are three epic novels coming out this summer. The Queen of Comedy, this adult paranormal and a scifi novel.

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    JUKEBOX – Official release on June 5th

    Now that Jukebox is no longer in the running for one of the top three slots in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards, I’m releasing the ebook Tuesday, June 5th and using the semi-finalist status for marketing purposes.




    I’m still trying to figure out how to add the back cover to Kindle 🙂 so I’ve downloaded a few tools to study, like Mobi and Calibre.


    Back cover of JUKEBOX Volume One




    Congrats to the finalists in YA fiction and General fiction! Please go to Amazon and read their excerpts so you can vote for the winners in these two categories.


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    Something for Teens – Introducing Razher

    Of course I went to see Breaking Dawn. And since most of the females in my family love paranormal romance, trying to find one where there’s diversity in the cast of characters can be frustrating. So here’s the latest member of our ebook family: A new heroine called RAZHER, based on a webcomic:


    Razher, the teen she-wolf


    Andre Santana, African American/Hispanic Teen werewolf


















    We hope to have an excerpt up shortly!