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    The Romance Gallery

    When I became frustrated at the lack of stock photos featuring romantic interracial couples,  I decided to create my own. Now I have a fair number of edited photos so I’m putting up a gallery on this site. I’ll be adding a sidebar that will be titled WSC Romance Image Gallery


    The almost kiss watermarked and with vignette effect
    Short story book cover for my new interracial romance




    Foreplay3 copy watermarked copy



    IVY League promo lower resolution
    Brandon Jefferson Wingate and Kenya Paul, from the upcoming political interracial romance IVY LEAGUE



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    Update on The Player

    I worked on another promo for the book HUI (pronounced Hway)


    Promo for the book Hui resized2


    My apologies for the watermark.

    I’m readying up The Player for release, and there are characters from other books who make an appearance in the story line. Also, the thing that took so long with that novel, is that its not just the two leads but also Ozzy, the ex husband.

    His story needed to be explored, because I didn’t want it to be the typical evil ex tale. Rappers need love too.





    I’ll be back to link this GIF to a short excerpt. Unfortunately, recent events have convinced me to make a change on the length of free excerpts.

    Here’s a brief teaser of HUI:


    First position . . .

    Hui stood there, still and imposing, like one of the many large billboards with his likeness promoting the dance company. In a repeat of the countless hours they’d practiced together his arm was outstretched and his hand was elegantly positioned, urging her to grasp it. Instead of his usual attire of a tee shirt and black practice tights, he was completely naked.

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    Cover Reveal and Books for Boys

    Andre Santana gets his own ebook:


    American Werewolf1 small copy



      Click for a larger view:

    Andre Santana gets his own ebook.
    Andre Santana gets his own ebook


    Because Andre Santana is a recurring character in several other books (he’s in Razher and Confessions of a Shapeshifter. He’s also got a cameo in Razher, Rise of the Gargoyles) I’d always planned to have a spin off book for Andre AKA Dre AKA Cadaver Dawg, and now I’ve completed the cover.

    Some other books featuring males:

    YA contemporary featuring Trayvon Wilfredo Lima, a hearing impaired teen who finds love.



    New Adult scifi HAZE mock up cover
    New Adult scifi HAZE
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    Think Like A Man, act like a boy



    We’ve narrowed the title down for the sequel to RAZHER. So far, Razher Rise of the Gargoyles got the most votes.

    Razher II Rise of the Gargoyles



    Chaos and Ram are twins. Karnage is the oldest brother, while Havoc is the youngest. Following up on the betrayal in the first novel RAZHER, the Gargoyles and their mythology play a major part in the sequel. 


    Karnage Xian, from the ebook RAZHER, Rise of the Gargoyles



    I hope to have an excerpt up this week. The Stone Boy will be released this week. A short excerpt can be read here, and there’s a longer sneak peek version on Amazon, which includes an excerpt of the paranormal romance FURIES

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    Character crossovers and more excerpts TBA

    Nevaeh and Josh from HEAVEN, and Derek and Nicole from the soon to be released The Stone Boy have their stories continued in the adult novella MAKE ME YOURS.

    The teens appear as college students who bond with the recently divorced lead female character who returns to school in order to earn her degree.



    Make Me Yours





    Working on: Editing, and book trailers for The Stone Boy, Valkyrie Jones and QUEENSREALM.

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    On A Mission

    A big reason why I like self-pubbing is because I get to create my own covers and promotional materials. The cover below is a work in progress, because I’m experimenting with just how much of this YA scifi hero should remain be visible. Now that I look at it, I’m thinking about having the letter Z get pulled down by his fingers, so I’ll probably end up editing this today. As I think that letter should look more like vapors. So his fingers will get more clarity.


    Mock up of a new scifi hero, part of the Millenials Series


    Mock up number 2:


    Haze scifi novel mock up 2



    This is part of a bigger push in my own books, to focus on minority males, specifically African, African American and Asian as leading males.