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RAZHER is a free download 7/25 and 7/26 and love stories 3

What up next for WSC Books?

Love Stories Three

A trio of stories about diverse couples. You can get a head start by clicking here to read the excerpts.

Also, RAZHER will be a free download Thursday and Friday (July 25th and July 26th)

Read all about the African American/Maori she-wolf as she goes on the run with


Mac, a vampire who loves to dance and rises to Marvin Gaye each night. An excerpt can be read here. Andre Santana (Werewolf) and Havoc Xian (Gargoyle) are also featured in this book. So don’t miss the free download of the complete ebook!

Razher, the teen She-Wolf of Maori and African American heritage




Andre Santana and Razher



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