WSC Romance Image Gallery

Some of these edited photos will be or have been used as my ebook covers while others are promos. Either way, these sexy couples help promote Wikkid Sexy Cool books.

 The format of the gallery is subject to change once I install a gallery slider that doesn’t conflict with my site theme.












In bed edited FX2 medium size



Sanaii and Scott embracing watermarked copy
Sanai and Scott promo for their book TAKEN: Saving Sanai



Foreplay2 copy2 watermarked



Loving couple hugging edited FX and watermarked



Main kissing womans neck editedFX



Scott and Sanaii5 copy watermarked
Sanai and Scott from TAKEN: Saving Sanai




New interracial lovers with watermark



Foreplay3 copy watermarked copy



The almost kiss watermarked and with vignette effect




Love WIKKID low resolution



Torii and Ethan making love with glow and text added copy
Ethan and Torii, from the interracial romance AT LAST, the story of a paraplegic man who falls for his upstairs neighbor.



Torii and Ethan in the kitchen 5A
Ethan and Torii from AT LAST



Torii and Ethan looking up at camera


Torii and Ethan in bed1



Torri and Ethan watching TV



WSc promo watermarked



Man kissing girlfriend less effects_WATERMARKED




WSC lovers1



Imani hugging Hui small copy


Hui and Imani kissing full body shot with effects added and watermark copy



Hui GIF for March



Hui promo



Nu Hui promo1 copy



watermarked Imani and hui making love



Imani and Hui kissing1 glow added and with text


Imani and Hui in love copy with tattoo final copy



Imani and Hui kissing copy with effects added copy

Watermarked Hui and Imani dancing



Lovers Imani and Hui final copy WATERMARKED
Lovers Imani and Hui


Loving interracial couple small size
I decided to use this cover for an upcoming ebook titled “Adam and Eva”



Gauge and Keisha's RUSH sequel
Gauge and Keisha’s RUSH sequel.



Enoch and Tiffany promo #2
Enoch and Tiffany from the NA paranormal FURIES



Sexy Beast pic2



Intimates1A watermarked



Lavendar and Lace cover with FX



interracial lovers2CC



Woman on top with FX2 copy



Asian and African American couple copy with FX


Interacial couple pic



Couple cuddling in bed2 watermarked




Nat and Tanner kissing copy cropped1 copy





SI copy resized



A and A A lovers FXcopy



Asian and African American couple1A copy with FX1 watermarked



interracial lovers2B copy with FX edited




More IR lovers FX watermarked



Lovers in bed_IR copy1ab



IR couple number_with fx and watermarked



Closeup of young lovers 2nd with FX_watermarked




Couple making love_IR copy



Large photo of lovers with text and edit copy



Couple in bed making love FX copy1



The Lovers_ FX copy A




More WSC couples will be up shortly!








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