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We’ve narrowed the title down for the sequel to RAZHER. So far, Razher Rise of the Gargoyles got the most votes.

Razher II Rise of the Gargoyles



Chaos and Ram are twins. Karnage is the oldest brother, while Havoc is the youngest. Following up on the betrayal in the first novel RAZHER, the Gargoyles and their mythology play a major part in the sequel. 


Karnage Xian, from the ebook RAZHER, Rise of the Gargoyles



I hope to have an excerpt up this week. The Stone Boy will be released this week. A short excerpt can be read here, and there’s a longer sneak peek version on Amazon, which includes an excerpt of the paranormal romance FURIES

FURIES alternate ebook cover, featuring Tiffany and Enoch the Hellraiser



Keeping a promise I’d made, an excerpt of the middle grade fantasy BENDER will be up shortly. Here’s a brief excerpt: 


Greeting Michael Bender’s widened eyes were mountains of diamonds twinkling like a fresh snowfall, baseball sized emeralds and garnets, pearls lining every crevasse of the cavern walls and overhanging as a spider’s web, yet the boy merely asked for the slippers sewn of gold and ruby thread to clothe his grandmother’s feet.  “She’s got bunions so she needs something soft,” he explained. As Bender walked throughout the valley of wealth, he bypassed mounds of priceless trinkets without enriching himself. Instead of marveling at the treasure trove of jewel encrusted goblets that had once lined a feast of land barons, or being stunned because a king’s ransom was at his disposal a thousand times over, he picked plain hoop earrings as his last gift.    He even held up the two sets of golden double rings so Ra could see he was not being greedy for more than his share. “I think my Grandma would say that other stuff’s too hoochie looking for my sisters. She says to keep it classy, so I think the twins will like these.”


I’m just finishing up a new cover:

Bender ebook cover (new version)


Old cover:

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