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If I Were a Boy

His name is Ozzy, and he’s a fictional rapper in my ebook The Player:


Ozzy on his own copy

Veterinarian and sometime singer Adam Takaura is also introduced in the book. Since I already had Hui’s spot on imitation of Michael Jackson in the ebook HUI, Adam’s passion is for R&B music.


There are a number of Asian singers who can SANGGGG. Check out JiHwan, 지환 He’s South Korean (1/2 of duo called 2BiC). I first saw him on Youtube in these videos: JiHwan covers R&B singer Joe’s “(All The Things) Your Man won’t Do”


JiHwan covers R&B singer Donnie Hathaway’s “A Song for You:

  I LOVE his voice. 


You can check out his new video here:    


Just finished up some new promos for JUKEBOX Volume II, the sequel to JUKEBOX Volume I. Volume II is set in the late 1960s to the 1970s:

JUKEBOX VOL 2 promos copy
Funk and Soul Diva Simone Westwood is married to badboy Southern Rocker Johnny Burr in the ebook JUKEBOX Volume II.



Black Power salute and the African roots movement are featured in JUKEBOX Volume II




Test GIF for NIGHTSTALKERS (its not linked to an excerpt yet)





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