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This is a two post day.

I love to write about love. I also write in different genres, like middle grade, YA, NA and IR (interracial romance), in addition, scifi/fantasy, paranormal romance, crime fiction, contemporary fiction and non-fiction.

But self publishing also affords me the opportunity to use the proceeds of my books in the manner I see fit, which, in my case is to fund my other endeavor, film making.

I say all this in an effort to introduce readers who may not be aware of the unique struggle authors of color have, to a fascinating article by Zetta Elliot regarding her indie publishing journey. Ms Elliott brings up a number of issues that don’t just apply to African American authors, but many authors of color.  Lack of representation and exclusion within the publishing industry, with a focus on children’s publishing:


Black Authors and Self-Publishing

“Despite the fact that the majority of primary school children in the U.S. are now kids of color, the publishing industry continues to produce books that overwhelmingly feature white children only. The message is clear: the lives of kids of color don’t matter.”

Read the full article here:



I have to thank the site Dear Author for making me aware of this riveting post by Ms. Elliott.


Author Zetta Elliott
One of many childrens books by author Zetta Elliott. Ms Elliott also writes YA novels. Her website is http://www.zettaelliott.com/

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