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The Sampler is free from 9/30 10/1 and 10/2


Rundown on which excerpts are included in this promotional ebook:
Hui – Korean ballet dancer falls for African American Ballerina © 2014


Promo for the book Hui resized2



Ivy League – After a torrid affair in college, two wealthy and politically ambitious rivals connect again on Capitol Hill  © 2014




RUSH: Rory and Roxie’s story
(spin off novella from the RUSH series)  © 2014


Rory and Roxie in a sequel to RUSH



RUSH: Unforgettable (spin off novella from the RUSH series) © 2014


Dane2a copy with watermark


Gaijin – Two American sisters land on the shores of Japan in 1861, hoping to escape a family legacy of madness and murder. Aboard the same boat is a native son of Japan, now schooled in western ways. As the lives of these once hopeful residents intersect, class warfare, betrayal and murder prevail under the arresting beauty of a changing Japan. © 2012


Gaijin promo1 copy2



Immortal Beloved – Raquel Santos is a palliative care nurse. Hypnos AKA Hype is . . . well, he’s otherworldly, as in Greek Mythology, the stuff of dreams. But he’s also still living at home with his parents and fighting with his brother, Death. When there’s a mix-up regarding the Hound of Hades, Cerberus, the big beast lands in Raquel’s care. Raquel renames the dog “Sweetie” and has him working as a therapy dog at the hospice where she’s employed. Raquel won’t return the dog even when Hype comes to collect him. And that’s when her whole world turns upside down.
Because in the paranormal novella Immortal Beloved, the mythological deities of ancient Greece walk among us as movie superstars, egocentric cosmetic mavens and seducers of the unwary, like Raquel.   © 2012


Immortal Beloved


Before I Let Go – Twenty year old Skylar Torres is back home, trying to forget a volatile college romance and hoping to reconnect with her first love, Damon Salas. Twenty-three year old Damon doesn’t recall the road side bomb that ended his tour of duty in Iraq, leaving him unable to speak his thoughts as clearly as before. Struggling with his new normal, Damon’s determined to live life on his own terms, and that includes a future with Skylar. But Skylar’s dealing with a controlling ex, while questioning her decision to stay away from Damon, in order to keep them both alive. © 2013





Inseparable – It was supposed to be a fun night out, but when Nadia’s initially refused entry to the hottest club in the city, it becomes her worst nightmare. When her handsome rescuer is none other than the club owner’s kid brother, little does she know that her ranting tweets detailing how she was unfairly treated will divide a city, and also help her find out if love really does conquer all.  © 2013


Inseparable ebook cover. New Adult Novella


Love and Baseball – First Nations college freshman falls for upperclassman who is at odds with how administrators handled an on campus assault.   © 2014



Love and Baseball. Canadian First Nations teen falls for Barbados beauty
Love and Baseball. Canadian First Nations teen falls for Barbados beauty

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