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A ballerina named Imani

Her full name is Imani Sojourner Fairchild, and for the novel Hui 휘, I had to research both past and present info on the world of ballet, and any info I could find on North Korea. To read an excerpt, please click either the GIF or the photo:






Imani the Ballerina1
Imani the Ballerina



Another brief excerpt from the novel:


He trailed after her, so when she whipped around to tell him to back the fuck off, she chickened out. With his chest sweaty and heaving from the numerous lifts he’d done with both her and Ming-ju, it was a wonder he could stand up straight.

“You can speak English,” she said, warring within herself. Damn, but he was sexy. And much too close for comfort.

“Never said I couldn’t.”

“Okay smart ass. How come you just didn’t tell us that when you first got here?”

“I am only here to perform.”

She needed something, anything, to hold on to.  Anger was good. Because without anger she’d be lost in those beguiling dark eyes of his. “Oh, so you’re saying you don’t want to associate with us.”

He shook his head. “No, that is what you say. I say-”

“Okay, okay. It’s all about the performance. I guess we were pretty funny to you.”

“Some were. Not you. Never you, Imani.


~~~~~End of Excerpt~~~~~

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