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    Seeing RED

    After I put up the post EACH ONE, REACH ONE I decided there was more I needed to do, besides putting links in the sidebar of this site.

    So on this day remembering Martin Luther King Jr, I’m setting up a new site, one that I hope will become a one stop shop if a reader (or author) wants to peruse books with protagonists of color in all genres. The books won’t be sold on the site, but there will be links directing buyers and others to the websites where an author’s work can be purchased. I’m working on the new site now, on another browser. If you’d like to take a peek at what I’ve got so far, the site is


    This is how I’m trying to set it up (columns, video set up, featured books slider)




    Right now I mainly have place holders up. My hope is simply to become an asset for those without advertising budgets, or those new to self publishing, or those who aren’t listed on the front page of Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Maybe I can compile a decent database of authors and their novels. And I’ll have GIFs and book trailers up there also.

    I’d also like to promote sites that review multicultural works, and those that interview authors of color. Hopefully, the site will be fully functional by February ūüôā

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    New Sneak Peek up on Amazon

    There’s a six chapter excerpt of The Stone Boy up on Amazon.com



    Sneak Peek: The Stone boy excerpt


    It’s listed at 99 cents, however the free download will start on Friday, which means the release date of the full book has been pushed to next week.

    I use these Sneak Peeks as a way to promote upcoming ebooks and also to spread the word on wikkid.sexy.cool.com

    Now I’m working on the promos for QUEENSREALM, an adult scifi. Like all our novels, Queensrealm has a romance at the center of the story. I hope to have most of the promo material up by later¬†in the day.


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    Future Past is the premise behind a female driven steam punk tale

    Charlotte “Lottie” Rawlins has always believed in magic, ever since the day a young woman saved her life and then vanished right before her very eyes. But that was twelve years ago, and in all that time Charlotte has yet to find a magician who can duplicate what she’d witnessed. Even as she learns from some of the best, and worst in the business, Charlotte has an odd¬†feeling she’ll¬†eventually meet the woman who was her champion. And when she does, she’ll be forced to choose. Is she really keen on¬†becoming¬†some elderly duke’s wife, or is she ready to use her formidable talents to save the world?

    Miss Brighton’s School for Exceptional Young Ladies Mock up Cover #1


    Mordecai the Magician and his assistant Lottie Rawlins




    Charlotte Rawlins is a young woman living in the past who believes she has no future.

    Portrait of Charlotte Rawlins, circa 1888



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    Steam Punk is coming!

    An excerpt of FURIES will be up this week.

    Here’s a peek at¬†a promo poster and mock-up cover for the steam punk novella Miss Brighton’s School for Exceptional Young Ladies:


    Promo for the Steam Punk novella Miss Brighton’s School for Exceptional Young Ladies


    Miss Brighton’s School for Exceptional Young Ladies Mock up Cover #1



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    Help pick the cover title!



    Please vote on the title of this novella after reading the book blurb:


    Just the way You Are





    Drawn to You



    A secret tryst results in an acclaimed portrait that ties a model forever with the artist.


    Akeel’s a gifted artist who gets raves for his web site designs and graphic comics, only he can’t seem to win over Layla. He’s drawn to her in more ways than one, especially after Layla disrobed on a dare and let him paint her, and now it‚Äôs his best known work.

    But Layla’s no longer the girl in that¬†painting, the one¬†where¬†her voluptuous curves¬†were proudly on display.¬†¬†After dropping over sixty pounds, guys who used to taunt her in high school now want to date her, and so-called friends are only too quick to remind her of how heavy she used to be.

    Trapped between the snarky¬†girl she once was and the femme fatale many¬†assume she‚Äôs become, Layla’s not sure she‚Äôs ready to risk her heart again, even though¬†Akeel’s more certain than ever that they belong together.¬©







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    A Very Busy Summer

    Summer is almost here!

    So more time can be devoted to¬†my multicultural ebooks and covers. I created a teaser/mock up¬†of a new teen heroine. She’s a Shieldmaiden in training and her ebook, like Razher’s will be out this summer:


    Valkyrie Jones, Shield Maiden of Earth and Asgaard


    If you haven’t seen The Avengers yet, I urge you to do so. It’s funny, fast paced and a comic book geek’s dream (like me and my family).