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    Why does the black woman always have to die?

    I dunno. But I know one thing, NOT UP IN HERE!

    Meet Leonidas Sinclair. Fighter. Lover. World saver. A raider of the land, sea and skies.

    Steampunk hero Leonidas "Leo" Sinclair


    The wait is almost over . . . 


    Offworld promo iframe pic
    Pictured from left to right: Kadek Noam, Janhoy 1st Class. Upper right: The Child King, Tydaris Ridae, Cura Rigis Divine. Lower Right: Leonidas Sinclair, Man of Many Centuries.  Steampunk model with braids by Photographer Kit Stolen


    The Mad Queen of OFFWORLD
    The Mad Queen of OFFWORLD


    Alessia from OFFWORLD
    Alessia from OFFWORLD



    The Way We Were. I found these really cool old photos that depict the black middle class:

    Black culture in the 1930s


    In their Sunday best:

    Boys in 1941
    Young boys in 1941


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    Computer Love

    I’m working on an interactive book tree for my novels and their genres:



    Book tree2A smaller size
    WSC books genre tree – a work in progress



    WSC interactive book tree – not the final version



    AIS - Artificial Intelligent Sexiness
    AIS – Artificial Intelligent Sexiness



    man with AI eyes copy




    Another excerpt from THE EMISSARY:


    “I need your permission to examine you. I’m curious . . . you know, about just how accurate your maker was, in uh . . . in-”

    The bot saved her from further embarrassment by brightly offering himself. “Certainly, Yeoman Gossett.”

    He actually stuck his crotch in her face. The thing had no shame or fear. He was bigger than most, and so was his floppy, human looking dick.

    “May I?” she asked. “Touch it-”

    “Of course, Yeoman Gossett.”

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    Asian and African Male Appreciation Post

    Just trying to show some love to my Asian and African bruhs, who are still severely under-represented (and under-appreciated) imho, in romance novels.


    For a larger version, click the photo:


    Chinese Gargoyle less FX_medium2 copy
    This is the PG version. In my worldbuilding, Chinese gargoyles are naked, ya know, cuz they’re rock hard. But, I can’t really put that version up on this site:)




    American Werewolf1 small copy
    Andre Santana, black Hispanic werewolf



    Kai Son of Loki
    Kai, from Valkyrie Jones



    Ronin with his fists on fire2
    Ronin Bey, the firedrake from NIGHTSTALKERS


    More to come . . .



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    Book Updates

    I’ll be updating this post throughout the day and linking more excerpts.

    If you’d like to read about an African American female who proudly proclaims her bisexuality, then please pick up the erotic romance novella IVY LEAGUE  this April May.


    Kenya Paul is a sexy, confident bisexual woman. She’s also in an emotional love triangle with the very conservative big man on campus Brandon Wingate, and left winger Morgan “Mo” Garrity, in the ebook IVY LEAGUE



    Want to read an exciting, erotic space adventure featuring a black woman as the lead character?
    Then the fast paced The Emissary may be the scifi novella for you:


    The Emissary - resized
    A routine space mission goes very wrong for a lab tech. Now she’s lost in space, matching wits with a madman and an alien, in the scifi romance The Emissary


    The Emissary Promo2
    Aeronaut Shyah Gossett




    Edited young woman and robot copy1
    Ha ha. I couldn’t resist.


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    The Past, Present and Future

    More promos for The Queen of Comedy, which deals with the past

    Twitter promo for TQOC copy2 resized
    Promo for the historical romance novel The Queen of Comedy



    Another promo for David and Contessa resized tint
    David Latimore and his wife Contessa Earle, featured characters in The Queen of Comedy



    I’ve edited another stock photo, changing it into a contemporary IR couple for my romance gallery.  And here’s a cover reveal for a scifi romance novella:

    Lovers in bed_IR copy1ab



    The Emissary - resized
    The Emissary is an erotic scifi thriller, set in outer space
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    The Boys R Back in Town

    From left to right: Ronin Bey, Firedrake. Ash the Hellraiser, (center) Andre Santana, Alpha X Werewolf, Karnage Xian, Gargoyle


    The Werewolf art is by, and you can view more of this artist’s work here


    Check out a rock classic written by the founder and frontman of Thin Lizzy, the black Irishman himself, the late, great Phil Lynott (singing lead and playing bass) called The Boys Are Back in Town:





    I also needed a smaller GIF for social media in order to promote HUI



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    Update on Books 4 Boys

    Keeping my promise regarding Books for Boys (and men). I’ll be back to link the GIF and photos to excerpts.


    Andre Santana is AMERICAN WEREWOLF. Photomanipulated werewolf art at end of GIF done by


    If you like the cool werewolf art at the end of the GIF, more of the artist’s work can be found here



    Iron Mike and Trinny promo
    Iron Mike and Trinny promo



    Bender plays fire hockey



    Read an excerpt from BENDER:


    I’ll be back to add the excerpt!

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    Deadlier than the Male

    I love, love, love this photo of supermodel Ajuma Nasenyana

    Ajuma Nasenyana
    Beautiful Supermodel Ajuma Nasenyana


    This picture embodies a smoldering hot fierceness that I’ve tried to capture in some of my scifi heroines, like Ziona NIM

    The transformation of Ziona NIM



    NIM intergalactic planetary assassin



    NIM promo1


    And the head sister-witch Lilith:

    LILITH, an African American witch from the upcoming paranormal romance Long Ago and Far Away
    LILITH, an African American witch from the upcoming paranormal romance Long Ago and Far Away