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Future Past is the premise behind a female driven steam punk tale

Charlotte “Lottie” Rawlins has always believed in magic, ever since the day a young woman saved her life and then vanished right before her very eyes. But that was twelve years ago, and in all that time Charlotte has yet to find a magician who can duplicate what she’d witnessed. Even as she learns from some of the best, and worst in the business, Charlotte has an odd feeling she’ll eventually meet the woman who was her champion. And when she does, she’ll be forced to choose. Is she really keen on becoming some elderly duke’s wife, or is she ready to use her formidable talents to save the world?

Miss Brighton’s School for Exceptional Young Ladies Mock up Cover #1


Mordecai the Magician and his assistant Lottie Rawlins




Charlotte Rawlins is a young woman living in the past who believes she has no future.

Portrait of Charlotte Rawlins, circa 1888





Genesis Iba is a soldier from the future who’s trapped in the past.







Charlotte “Lottie” Rawlins and Genesis



I based Charlotte and Genesis on two real life women, Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams. This is a story that gives me an opportunity to explore the social norms in the 19th century, and to also add a steam punk element with Genesis getting trapped behind enemy lines. But Genesis is also a master strategist, and if she can’t get back to the future, she’s damned serious about changing its outcome. Along the way, a shadowy figure who is the rightful prince of his country (known affectionately as The Prince) and also the magician Mordecai play a big part in this story, as well as Mrs. Brighton. In keeping with my goal for inclusiveness, a Chinese contortionist ends up joining with Genesis and Charlotte, and as mentioned earlier, there’s an Indian Prince with a hidden agenda.


The Prince

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