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A Discovery of Black Witches

Lilith makes an entrance:

Lilith at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. This is page one of her Graphic Novel, a promo for her ebook.



Lilith is from West Africa. Ondine is from the US. Pagan is from England.


The name of this erotic paranormal series won’t be revealed yet:

Pictured: The Gargoyle Karnage, the Vampire Yuri, the Warlock Ronin and who they’re paired with.


19th Century Ronin the Warlock, in a frame from Ondine’s graphic novel.


Man on Fire, Ronin Bey, Haitian American Warlock


The Witch Ondine and Ronin the Warlock



The Witch Lilith and the Vampire Yuri.



The Witch Pagan and Karnage the Gargoyle



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