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Hot Like Fire

I happened to see a fantastic sports graphic design of Gonzaga’s Jalen Suggs by Hoops, and I loved the composition and colors so much I tried to re-create it for my fictional basketball player:


Sports Graphic of Jalen Suggs, Point Guard from Gonzaga



Yul Sukari, power forward for Big Nu. Yul is Indonesian American and the leading man in my upcoming New Adult novel. I used the freeware Paint.net for this.


Congrats to Baylor (mens basketball) and Stanford (womens) for their NCAA title wins this year. 



Lilith on fire. Edited purchased stock photo.



Lilith does Magic GIF


Shoutout to the original artist named syaifulptak57 from Indonesia. Illustrators and Photographers post royalty free creations on Pixabay. They don’t require attribution, but its only right to give credit where credit is due. Here’s the original artwork from syaifulptak57 that I edited in order to create the above GIF for Lilith:


fantasy-5758199_1920 by syaifulptak57 from PIXABAY.COM Click the image to go to artist’s PIXABAY page.


If anyone knows the original author of this GIF please let me know:


Found it on Pinterest and Twitter but without an attribution.


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