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    Return of the King

    Black Panther: WAKANDA FOREVER had me on an emotional rollercoaster. My mom died from liver cancer, so at first I was hesitant to watch the film. But I’m glad I did. I commend writer/director Ryan Coogler and his co-writer Joe Robert Cole. This was a fitting tribute to Chadwick Boseman and his portrayal of Black Panther. Honoring his friend and fellow artisan Chadwick was the right decision imho after seeing the movie.

    I loved the art direction, the Telocan culture, the action scenes and Angela Bassett’s tour de force as Queen Ramonda.



    Tenoch Huerta is so FINE. And what a good actor! There’s no way I’m not loving both him and Jason Momoa, y’all. So happy for each of them and I really hope Marvel adds Tenoch to several other upcoming films. Need to see more of this man!


    Tenoch Huerta as Marvel’s NAMOR. Jason Momoa as DC’s AQUAMAN


    Alex Livinalli as Attuma and Mabel Cadena as Namora from Black Panther: WAKANDA FOREVER




    Karnage Xi’an, Gargoyle Crown Prince


    Karnage and his lover, the witch Pagan


    Castle Karnage


    The witch Pagan outside Castle Karnage
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    The Powerful African Witch, Lilith



    Lilith confers with the ancient one



    Panels from Lilith’s Graphic novel





    Pictured: African Vampire Khosi, Yuri and Lilith



    Gargoyle Crown Prince Karnage Xi’an and the witch he loves, Pagan.



    Paranormal Lovers Karnage and Pagan



    Pagan and her lover Karnage the Gargoyle



    Pagan the Witch





    Warlock Ronin Bey and the Witch Ondine Saint Gauthier
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    Return of the Mack

    Betrayed. Wrongly imprisoned. Now the crown Prince of Gargoyles will have his revenge. BUT FIRST…


    Gargoyle Crown Prince Karnage Xi’an and his lady love Pagan the Witch



    Mark Morrison- RETURN OF THE MACK



    The Gargoyle Prince Karnage Xi ‘an. Animated Wings created by an artist named Luis Bello from DeviantArt.





    Never question his will to win:


    Indonesian American NCAA Basketball star Yul Sukari



    Yul Sukari and his college sweetheart Rhea Chappelle







    She broke his heart. It only made him stronger. Pictured: Rhea Chappelle and Yul Sukari



    One and done? Not with this Vampyr:


    Elder witch, younger Vampyr, Lilith and Yuri


    Older, wiser and even more determined to win the Witch who got away:




    Pictured: Yuri, Irina and Khosi



    Otherworldly Witch, Lilith






    Haitian Warlock Ronin Bey



    Warlock Ronin Bey loves the Witch Ondine St. Gauthier


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    My Chérie Amour

    Big man, big love.

    Promos below are from the mini graphic novels that will promote the ebooks for these love stories:


    NCAA Basketball players Rhea Chappelle and Yul Sukari



    NCAA Basketball star Yul Sukari, an Indonesian American leading man.



    The New Adult Romance of Thai American Rikh ki Khumpai and African American Lolo Benoit.



    El and Christian, from my upcoming ebook Sex and the Single Paraplegic



    Three faces of the Gargoyle Karnage Xi’an



    The Gargoyle Karnage and his lady love, the witch Pagan



    Main men: Karnage the Gargoyle, Yuri the Vampire, Ronin the Warlock, Khosi the Vampire



    Karnage and Pagan



    The witch Lilith


    Andre “Dre” Santana, Werewolf



    Pictured: The witch Ondine and the warlock Ronin
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    Love a Black Woman Out Loud


    Graphic Pic for Love a Black Woman Out Loud  featuring NCAA college basketball stars Yul Sukari and Rhea Chappelle


    Graphic Pic for Love a Black Woman Out Loud  featuring NCAA college basketball stars Yul Sukari and Rhea Chappelle (Version 2 with braids)


    The Witch Lilith and her lover, the Vampire Yuri. Pic is from their graphic novel promo.


    Lilith and Yuri





    The Warlock Ronin and Ondine the Witch



    Paranormal lovers Karnage and Pagan



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    The Wheel of Fine

    The Wheel of Time is also The Wheel of Fine imho, due to the diversity of the main characters and attractiveness of its cast:



    The Wheel of Time promo from Amazon


    “I think all the characters in soul and personality are very true to the books. That’s the thing that Rafe has accomplished” – Brandon Sanderson

    al’ Lan Mandragoran by Freelance Irish artist KarrahE. Daniel Henney plays Lan on the show.


    Lan and Nynaeve. YES!!!! Zoë Robins portrays Nynaeve and Daniel Henney is Lan.

    Season One is on Amazon Prime now. 




    The African Witch Lilith aka AFE


    Pagan the Witch


    The fire and brimstone witch Ondine



    The Gargoyle Karnage


    Pictured: The Witch Pagan and Karnage – pic is from the graphic novel promo for the upcoming ebook


    Irina, the vampire bodyguard for Yuri.
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    Magic and Mayhem GIFS

    Three Women. Three Witches with three different tales on life as a supernatural.

    Their stories are coming soon. 


    Pictured: The black witch LILITH

    Lilith is from West Africa. I didn’t create the animated flying birds. Attribution for that GIF is Mr.EvilBoy (name is also in the bottom left corner of this combined GIF). Lilith’s face in this promo is inspired by the beautiful Ethiopian model Senait Gidey.


    The Witch Lilith


    The Vampire YURI, who is Lilith’s lover.



    The Red Witch of Sorrow, Ondine Saint Gauthier


    Haitian Warlock Ronin Bey, love interest of the witch Ondine


    Pictured: Warlock Ronin Bey



    Hispanic Werewolf Andre “Dre” Santana



    Witches Pagan and Ondine



    Pictured: Werewolf Dre Santana, Warlock Ronin Bey, Gargoyle Karnage Xian


    Pictured: The Witch Pagan breaking a mirror


    Karnage Xian, Gargoyle Crown Prince and Pagan’s lover.


    Pagan channels Lightning


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    The Hitman’s Vampire Bodyguard

    What an NBA finals game five last night! The Phoenix Suns vs The Milwaukee Bucks

    Fear the Deer indeed. In the final seconds, that steal, the lob, the alley oop. Giannis posing for the camera after the basket:


    Power Forward Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks

    Loved it!!!!


    My erotic paranormal cast:


    Top left to Right: Pagan, Lilith and Ondine (witches). Middle: Karnage (gargoyle), Andre (werewolf) Yuri (vampire), Irina (vampire) and Ronin (warlock). Bottom: Makseem (vampire)



    The Vampire crown prince Machiavelli “Mac” Faust and his royal bodyguards, Yuri and Irina.


    Yuri is Lilith’s love interest. The crown prince Machiavelli Faust was introduced in a much, much earlier book called RAZHER, but that book is in the young adult genre:

    RAZHER, the she-wolf from New Zealand. Also pictured: Mac the Vampire and Havoc the Gargoyle


    After I released RAZHER on Amazon and prior to my mom’s cancer, I’d started writing an erotic interracial paranormal featuring witches, vampires and gargoyles.


    The Hitman’s Vampire Bodyguard: IRINA, who also protects Yuri.



    The Gargoyle Karnage Xian watches over the city


    The inspiration for Karnage’s promo came from one of my favorite shows, LUPIN, starring Omar Sy on Netflix:


    LUPIN 2 is now back on Netflix, starring Omar Sy










    Three Witches: Ondine, Lilith and Pagan