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Return of the Mack

Betrayed. Wrongly imprisoned. Now the crown Prince of Gargoyles will have his revenge. BUT FIRST…


Gargoyle Crown Prince Karnage Xi’an and his lady love Pagan the Witch






The Gargoyle Prince Karnage Xi ‘an. Animated Wings created by an artist named Luis Bello from DeviantArt.





Never question his will to win:


Indonesian American NCAA Basketball star Yul Sukari



Yul Sukari and his college sweetheart Rhea Chappelle







She broke his heart. It only made him stronger. Pictured: Rhea Chappelle and Yul Sukari



One and done? Not with this Vampyr:


Elder witch, younger Vampyr, Lilith and Yuri


Older, wiser and even more determined to win the Witch who got away:




Pictured: Yuri, Irina and Khosi



Otherworldly Witch, Lilith






Haitian Warlock Ronin Bey



Warlock Ronin Bey loves the Witch Ondine St. Gauthier


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