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Practical Magic

It’s a new year and I’ve got new books to release.


Karnage and Pagan celebrate the New Year


One will include the origin of Werewolf Andre Santana, a member of the NightStalkers:


Andre Santana werewolf gif. Werewolf artwork by rhabwar troll stock of DeviantArt.com


Pictured: Ronin Bey, Ash, Andre Santana and Karnage


Pictured: Karnage and his lady love, the witch Pagan.



Morning sex: Pagan and Karnage



Pictured: Chinese Gargoyle Karnage Xiān. Gargoyle 3d model by tonyp44 of cgtrader.com. Gargoyle face is digitally edited.



Interracial couple (digitally edited pic) For more IR couples, please click the photo.


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