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King Karnage

Chinese Royalty. Playboy. Fine as hell. Wealthy beyond measure. And he’s a Gargoyle. That’s Karnage, aka Dà túshā


Karnage promo
Karnage Xī’ān, before he takes to the skies. His last name is based on Xī’ān, the capital of Shaanxi, China.


Karnage under archway_watermarked and sharpened



Pagan and Karnage promo
Karnage and the woman he falls hard for, Pagan.



Pagan and Kanage promo
Pagan the witch and Karnage the Gargoyle promo


Pictured: Lovers Pagan and Karnage
Pictured: Lovers Pagan and Karnage at his palace.


I’m working on Ondine’s promos (in-between editing my other books). I’d done this earlier one for Lilith and Yuri:

Lilith the witch and Yuri the vampire promo. Also pictured, Yuri and his brother Maxxim.


Witch hunter stalking Lilith.
Witch hunter stalking Lilith.

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