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Let me first start out by saying how disappointed I am with the new TV season. Specifically, the way black female leads on shows like Sleepy Hollow, Vampire Diaries and Minority Report are getting short changed.


Sleepyhollow on FOX
The way we were. Argggh!!! Damn, this used to be my must-see-TV show.


I’d really hoped that Sleepy Hollow would get back on track with Abby and Crane, but no. So while I love me some Lance Gross, even his addition can’t help the show now.

With season two destroying the story line from season one (and thereby ensuring the show’s demise), Sleepy Hollow has devolved into the leads battling a “monster of the week” with no real center. On Vampire Diaries Bonnie is a witch with no real powers and the writers still can’t seem to figure out who to pair her with romantically. Minority Report? Again, while there is a black female lead on the show, unlike her male counterpart in the movie Minority Report, Vega has no family, no real backstory, and soon the show may have no viewers.

I’m still watching these shows, but as their ratings continue to drop, I don’t see any of them staying on the air.
I won’t even get into Heroes Reborn killing off The Haitian (a fave character of mine, and a very bad move imho on the show’s part). And while I do still watch Empire . . . I think I better stop right there.

So, in short,  two new characters of mine were borne out of frustration. Asian American Thomas Nomad and my badass female lead, NIM. Breaking the rules of engagement regarding otherworldly beings, Thomas and NIM’s relationship is sexy, SEXUAL and fluid 🙂


Intergalactic Planetary Nomad copy
Featured: Space cowboy and earth detective Thomas Nomad. NIM, intergalactic bounty hunter




Ebook cover for Nomad’s land. I wanted a graphic novel look for this novella.



The transformation of Ziona NIM
The transformation of Ziona NIM




Hui and Imani practice, in the IR romance HUI. Edited image from three stock photos.





A new couple for my Interracial Romance Image Gallery




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