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African and Asian leads


Meet Thomas Nomad. His adventures with the dark side are part of my experiment with genre forms. I’m still working on his GIF promo



Nomad promo frame with text
Asian American lead Thomas Nomad



Asian and African American couple1A copy with FX1 watermarked
Asian and African American couple for a new novella



interracial lovers2B copy with FX edited
Interracial love gallery pic



A and A A lovers FXcopy
IR romance gallery manipulated photo



I wasn’t satisfied with my ending for GAIJIN, so I’ve changed it (for the better I hope)


GAIJIN final2A cover
GAIJIN – A free woman is enslaved, until a samurai pledges his sword . . . and his love




Gaijin- a Colored Maiden's Voyage and Recollections of Japan
GAIJIN- a Colored Maiden’s Voyage and Recollections of Japan are chronicled





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