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HUI news and character/cover updates

I’d decided to hold off releasing HUI because there were some things I wanted to work on, for example the deep cultural belief of Han and Jeong. I did a lot of research for this book, but I’m mindful that the love story has to progress without being bogged down. Still, there are some things that are vital to the Korean culture that can’t be glossed over.

I only hope I’ve struck enough of a balance for you, the reader.


Imani in position small copy
Imani Fairchild, African American ballerina from the interracial romance HUI



Le Jong Hui loves Imani Fairchild, in the interrcial romance set in the word of ballet, HUI



I also decided to change the cover for the New Adult book TWENTY before 20. Here’s the new cover:


Cover change for the New Adult novel TWENTY before 20. Pictured: Ryan and Sienna


I made another change, this time with the character of Genysis from the scifi ebook Miss Brighton’s School for Exceptional Young Ladies, so the character on the cover will also change:


Genysis holding repurposed rifle
The black futurist, GENYSIS. She’s a kick ass peace officer trapped in 1880s London.



Genysis holding repurposed hand cannon glow added copy



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