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    Sister Act

    Sparrow Sanchez is the younger sister of Sly Sanchez, the MMA fighter who is the lead in the novel The Takedown. Sparrow gets her own love story in the ebook TSAI

    Sparrow promo1A
    Sparrow Sanchez, from the IR ebook TSAI




    beautiful and bald
    Dark ‘N Lovely – My trio of beautiful, short haired heroines: NIM, from the scifi ebook Nomad’s Land, Aaliyah (Sunni Muslim and Somali Bantu) from the IR biker romance RUSH, and Sparrow, from TSAI



    Cover Reveal: The soldier and his sweetheart




    More promos for Maddox, the lead male from the biker romance RUSH: Ride or Die

    Maddox holding gun2AB FX resized copy with text



    Promo of Maddox FX

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    The Long and Short of it

    Can a video vixen find happiness with a farm hand?


    Seth and Lisa promo5 copy


    I’ll be back to link this promo with the excerpt, but Reinventing Lisa is part of a series of books that are short and sweet.

    The EmissaryRide or Die, SENSEI and The Takedown are part of this grouping.

    The Emissary - resized

    Nyesha and Takeshe Sensei ebook cover resized smaller



    Ride or Die edited and resized SNEAK PEEK ebook cover

    The Takedown with MMAXtreme logo_small copy with watermark



    Of course I’ve got much longer works like The Queen of Comedy and IVY LEAGUE ready for release, but until then, I’ll have a variety of books featuring diverse couples coming out.






    Seth loves Lisa

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    Deadlier than the Male

    I love, love, love this photo of supermodel Ajuma Nasenyana

    Ajuma Nasenyana
    Beautiful Supermodel Ajuma Nasenyana


    This picture embodies a smoldering hot fierceness that I’ve tried to capture in some of my scifi heroines, like Ziona NIM

    The transformation of Ziona NIM



    NIM intergalactic planetary assassin



    NIM promo1


    And the head sister-witch Lilith:

    LILITH, an African American witch from the upcoming paranormal romance Long Ago and Far Away
    LILITH, an African American witch from the upcoming paranormal romance Long Ago and Far Away



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    The Shape of Things to Come

    So, this year I’ve added adult fiction to my YA, New Adult and YA paranormal bookshelf.

    Next up will be a greater focus on my Afro-futurism works, like:


    OFFWORLD Promo
    OFFWORLD, featuring (upper left) Kadek No’am, Janhoy 1st Class (upper right) Tydaris Ridae, Cura Regis Divine, (lower right) Vlahos Leonidas Sinclair, The Man of Many Centuries


    Steampunk hero Leonidas "Leo" Sinclair


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    Part II of Download Dec 2!

    More free excerpts are being released this weekend!

    I use these free excerpts as a way to promote my novels. From Saturday, December 12th until Monday, December 14th on AMAZON, readers can download these multichapter excerpts for free:


    Confessions of a Shapeshifter cast. Julian Armitage Larouche, the Victorian era vampire, Kris, the dark child, and Andre Santana, the werewolf
    Confessions of a Shapeshifter cast. Julian Armitage Larouche, the Victorian era vampire, Kris, the dark child, and Andre Santana, the werewolf



    JUKEBOX Volume One




    The Scifi Sampler featuring QUEENSREALM and OFFWORLD:

    Scifi Excerpts

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    A great big grateful THANK YOU!

    Thank you.

    After years of renting equipment, I’ve finally purchased two digital film cameras while doing tons of research on each manufacturer. With the proceeds from my ebooks I’ve been able to also equip each camera with accessories like filters, an external recording device (for footage backup) fast cards, batteries, rigging and lights, and most of all, the lens of my choice.

    Though I’ll be splitting my time getting the film company off the ground, I will always be grateful to everyone who helped make this possible. And since it all starts with the written word, my creative spark continues to begin with writing 🙂




                         Old Cover                                                                                                                                                                               New Cover 

    Miss Brightons School for Exceptional Young Ladies5 extra small copy

    Miss Brightons School for Exceptional Young Ladies edited copy




                       Old Promo                                                                                                                                                                                                            New Promo

    Charlotte "Lottie" Rawlins and Genesis
    Charlotte “Lottie” Rawlins and Genesis

    Charlotte And Genesis watermarked copy copy




    More cover creations:


    The Valley of Ashes small copy
















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    HUI news and character/cover updates

    I’d decided to hold off releasing HUI because there were some things I wanted to work on, for example the deep cultural belief of Han and Jeong. I did a lot of research for this book, but I’m mindful that the love story has to progress without being bogged down. Still, there are some things that are vital to the Korean culture that can’t be glossed over.

    I only hope I’ve struck enough of a balance for you, the reader.


    Imani in position small copy
    Imani Fairchild, African American ballerina from the interracial romance HUI



    Le Jong Hui loves Imani Fairchild, in the interrcial romance set in the word of ballet, HUI



    I also decided to change the cover for the New Adult book TWENTY before 20. Here’s the new cover:


    Cover change for the New Adult novel TWENTY before 20. Pictured: Ryan and Sienna


    I made another change, this time with the character of Genysis from the scifi ebook Miss Brighton’s School for Exceptional Young Ladies, so the character on the cover will also change:


    Genysis holding repurposed rifle
    The black futurist, GENYSIS. She’s a kick ass peace officer trapped in 1880s London.



    Genysis holding repurposed hand cannon glow added copy



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    Waiting in the Wings

    Like Imani, a ballet dancer who waited for her chance to shine in the novel HUI, I’ve got a number of other novels in both the adult genre and new adult genre that I’m currently editing in order to release.

    One of my earliest novels dealt with females – specifically a fictional group of gritty women on a navy vessel with interconnecting story lines. I’m going to put up an excerpt shortly. Right now I’m focused on getting HUI ready for release.


    Sisters of Mercy ebook cover
    Sisters of Mercy ebook cover






    Andre in Beast mode with watermark