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Last Day for FREE excerpt downloads on Amazon

Thank you, thank you THANK YOU! To all those who’ve tweeted and spread the word about the free Sneak Peek downloads this weekend. Since these are excerpts from novels, there was no way to know if any readers would be interested. So I’m very happy about the progress of The Scifi Sampler:


FREE rankings for Excerpts on 5/11
FREE rankings for Excerpts on 5/11

Multicultural Scifi is another passion of mine. And QUEENSREALM is the next book coming out, so I hope all those who like to read scifi or futuristic military tales, or read about hot alien virgin heroes, or even THE ONE books (but this time a woman of color saves the world), well, I hope this book will appeal to those who like conflicted, but kick ass heroines.

The "Allies" of QUEENSREALM
The “Allies” of QUEENSREALM


A new excerpt from QUEENSREALM:

So this was where Banks threw the dissidents. They never escaped. He just had the Bog devour them,

excreting their cartilage as waste. A Bog was an insatiable eater, an enormous, sloth like predator. They wore down prey with relentlessness pursuit, not speed, so the trick was to move fluid and slow even though her heart was pumping so fast she thought it would burst from fear. If Dog were here he’d lure the creature away so she could attack its flank. But Dog wasn’t here. They’d destroyed him. Somewhere in the distance her ears caught a skirmish, a flash of weapon fire, shouts, and then silence. The beast, with its one eye dripping and rolling round to pin her down grunted, picking up the sweet scent of terror. Hers.

There were cliffs, if she could only manage to get to them to climb. The ribbed tail swung round and clubbed her, taking what little wind she had left and sending her deeper into the mass of bones. Onyx had no weapon, but perhaps with a skull grasp in one hand and a thigh bone in the other, she could keep its mouth occupied. The creature was digging for her, so she paddled through to the opposite side, pushing more broken skeletons and shredded clothing out of her way. It raised an ugly head and sniffed, realizing just where she’d moved. Jamming the bone in its jaw length wise, making it so the beast couldn’t bite down on her head, its foul breath and saliva covered her face, and as she tried to push her way out of its mouth her hair snagged, so she screamed in pain as strands tore from her scalp. But she was free. The tail came down to strike her, but she managed to scoot out the way, walking a tight rope on the leathery appendage before leaping on a hump on its back and grabbing hold of rock jutting from the pit wall. Most fortunate indeed. A dangling root aided her steady climb to the top. The bone wedged in its mouth splintered, so she climbed faster and higher, only for her head to wind up at the foot of one of Banks’ men standing directly above her. His face was hooded, his manner deathly still.

At least when she fell back into the mouth of the ravenous Bog she wouldn’t be alive. Onyx braced for his shot.

None came.

The man’s hood flipped back, revealing a dark face in agony. His outer clothing was shred as scaly armor took its place, wrapping round his entire torso and his head. Only his eyes were visible, cobalt blue black reptilian slits that took one glance her way before he tucked himself into a ball and rolled . . . into the pit.

The hybrid chose to battle the Bog. And she hoped to hell they killed each other.


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