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Update on RUSH

Okay, so tomorrow, (Friday May 2nd ) **correction **. I had to change the dates. The freebies start on Saturday May 3rd until May 5th. there will be a free multi-chapter promo ebook release of RUSH. The download on Amazon will be FREE for three days (Friday Saturday, Sunday and Monday).  It will be FREE.

The Sneak Peek of RUSH is currently for sale on Amazon at .99 cents, but the free promotion starts tomorrow.


RUSH Sneak Peek excerpt on Amazon


Hopefully, readers will want to purchase the full book. If you can, please spread the word.

Why should you read RUSH?

Motorcycles. Money. Mayhem. RUSH
Motorcycles. Money. Mayhem. RUSH


Come for the romance. Stay for the storyline of a motorcycle gang member who tries to balance his love for a Somali Bantu refugee with his criminal lifestyle.




From the novel:


“All it took was a timid finger to graze over my balls and I had a surge of lust. I started pumping like I’d been energized. Aaliyah crossed her arms around my neck and held on for the ride of her life, because I was hitting her spot hard. How did I know it was getting good to her? Because for the first time she was matching me thrust for thrust and moan for moan.”  – Aiden “Ghost” De Lucca of RUSH

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