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    Tall Story

    They’re called “bigs” on a basketball team, and my upcoming ebook features college sweethearts who play NCAA ball.

    Yul Sukari (I decided to change his first name from Yohan) and Rhea Chappelle are the bigs on their respective male and female squads.


    All is fair in Love and Basketball.



    Featured: Yul Sukari and Rhea Chappelle



    ESPNW scouts report on Rhea Chappelle




    Also featured: 


    Tenifah Ibekwe guards while Mercedes Abreu dribbles in One on One



    Big Nu point guard Jeloni Thorpe


    New promo for my books/website:


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    Congrats to the Raptors


    Before I go into the Raptors thrilling game six win, here’s another promo I’ve created for my New Adult collegiate basketball ebook One on One:


    One on One characters: Yohan Sukari, Rhea Chappelle and Jeloni Thorpe. Low resolution promo.


    Congratulations to the Toronto Raptors. Game 6 of the NBA Finals came down to the wire, with the Raptors winning a 114-110 victory over the Golden State Warriors. This is the first title for the Raptors, and they also made history with point guard Jeremy Lin:

    “After the Toronto Raptors won the NBA championship against the Golden State Warriors in Game 6 on Thursday, point guard Jeremy Lin became the first Asian American player to take home a ring. Cleveland Cavaliers’ Jordan Clarkson, who is of Filipino descent, made it to last year’s finals, but did not take home a championship. ”

    Link: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/toronto-raptors-jeremy-lin-makes-history-with-nba-champship-162249339.html

    It’s important to note that Jeremy is the first Asian American, that’s why I have it in bold. The first Asian was Mengke Bateer with the 2003 San Antonio Spurs. The second Asian to win a ring played for the 2009 NBA Champs Los Angeles Lakers and his name is Sun Yue.


    The Raptors Pascal Siakam also made history as the first player from Cameroon to win an NBA Championship ring.

    TIME Magazine Asia cover, February 27, 2012 Link: http://content.time.com/time/covers/asia/0,16641,20120227,00.html


    Jeremy Lin plays for the Toronto Raptors


    Jeremy Lin holding the NBA trophy


    I’m a big fan of Jeremy Lin. His NBA journey is a study of hard work and talent.

    In my fictional story about an Indonesian collegiate star, Yohan Sukari uses Jeremy Lin as a role model in his own quest to become an NBA player.

    Yohan and Rhea – Low resolution promo
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    Masters of our own Universe

    I’ve had to rediscover my love of writing, due to my mom’s death and a change in my family duties. Books were put on hold, but I plan on releasing new ones this month. I thank all readers for your patience during this trying time.

    What I love about writing is the ability to world build as I see fit (but still within the confines of reality when creating fiction based on real life). That’s why I’m excited about the upcoming New Adult offerings, like the basketball romance ONE on ONE.


    RHEA poster It’s not over when you lose it’s over when you quit -unknown


    Yohan Sukari’s “jock” collage


    Body by Yohan – Collegiate Basketball and NBA prospect Yohan Sukari, from the IR New Adult ebook One on One



    Pictured: Point Guard Jeloni Thorpe, from the IR New Adult ebook One on One


    This book focuses on two elite NCAA basketball players, one male and one female. The supporting characters include Hispanic and LGBTQ voices, because being inclusive is one of the reasons I decided to self-publish.


    Make-up sex is the greatest thing ever.

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    Basketball Jones and Woke Music History

    Remember this name: P. P. Arnold. In 1966 at the tender age of twenty she went over to England, recording with the greats of British music: Mic Jagger, Cat Stevens, Rod Stewart, the band Small Faces and Barry Gibbs.

    P. P. Arnold – Then and Now

    Patricia Arnold sang backup for the Ike and Tina Turner Revue, and traveled with them overseas. She quit the tour in 1966 and stayed in England, noting this: “A young black woman on her own in America in a white environment would not have been treated as well as I was in England.”

    Pat’s UK hits included “Angel of the Morning” which became a big hit in the US for Merrilee Rush and country singer Juice Newton.

    For more on P. P. Arnold’s legendary musical history, please visit her website: https://pparnold.com/biography

    In later posts I’ll have more info on black women who made music history, since two of my novels deal with groundbreaking fictional singers (Jukebox Vol. One and The Queen of Comedy)


    I’ve got new ebooks coming out in April late May, including:

    Big vs. Big – Tenifah “Teenie” Ibekwe faces off against Rhea Chappelle in the IR romance ebook One on One



    Pictured: Collegiate basketball players Rhea Chappelle and Yohan Sukari, from One on One.


    Dominican Mercedes Abreu, point guard and collegiate All-American, from the New Adult ebook One on One
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    One on One excerpt:

    Rhea had already decided that a quick hug would be appropriate for his chivalry. Lean in, squeeze and separate. Only she hadn’t figured on Yohan catching hold of her hand. He held it a beat too long while stepping backwards, as he if wanted to pull her to him. That moment in time, a sort of shy indecision made her words pour out. “You-you . . . I mean, I’ve got some strawberry wine coolers upstairs and-and video games. We could play Fortnite if you want.”

    His brows rose and quickly lowered at her offer. Fuck playing Fortnite©



    Pictured: Yohan Sukari and Rhea Chappelle, from the erotic New Adult ebook One on One



    Tenifah “Teenie” Ibekwe is on defense while point guard Mercedes Abreu dribbles in One on One



    Teenie Ibekwe makes a shot in the ebook One on One


    Rhea goes bonkers over Yohan – low resolution promo pic


    One on One excerpt:

    Yohan Sukari was in her dorm room. Spooning her. Spooning. Her.

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    Aquaman and an Indonesian baller

    Got treated to dinner and the film Aquaman by my family. We all really enjoyed the film.

    Jason Momoa as AQUAMAN. Amber Heard is Princess Mera, and his love interest.


    The visuals were great, and James Wan should be commended for his direction and vision on the picture.

    Director James Wan. He was also at the helm of Fast and Furious 7.


    Aquaman AKA Jason Momoa brought a playfulness and his usual smoldering hotness to the character.

    Other standouts imho were Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta, Amber Heard as Princess Mera, Michael Beach as Manta’s dad, and Nicole Kidman as Queen Atlanna.


    Upcoming new adult ebook:


    Pictured: Rhea Chappelle and big man Yohan Sukari, from Indonesia.


    Yohan Sukari playing ball


    Rhea Chappelle, college basketball player goes for a layup



    Yohan Sukari and his girl Rhea Chappelle






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    We Three Kings

    In between working my regular nine to five and fitting in some writing, I’ve created a few promos for some books that have already been released, and others that will soon be on sale:

    Biker boys Maddox, Aiden and Ke, members of The Suicide Kings.


    New Aiden and Aaliyah_Book of Aaliyah promo1 watermarked
    RUSH 2, The Book of Aaliyah. Click the pix for an excerpt


    Yasmin, the newest member of The Suicide Kings
    Yasmin, from RUSH XXX


    Top left – HEAVEN ebook. Top right, Yasmin from RUSH XXX. Middle panel left – Bree, from The Gorgeous Nothings. Aaliyah from RUSH. Nyesha from SENSEI, Bottom left panel, Emmanuel from TBA ebook. Imani from HUI, Kenya from IVY LEAGUE.


    Pictured: Nathalie Childress and Tanner Joseph, from the New Adult ebook The Saint of BOYStown
    Pictured: Nathalie Childress and Tanner Joseph, from the New Adult ebook The Saint of BOYStown. Click the GIF for an excerpt.


    Tanner playing with Nathalies hair from The Saint of BOYStown
    Tanner playing with Nathalie’s hair from The Saint of BOYStown. Click the pix for an excerpt.


    Twitter promo for The Queen of Comedy

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    Release Week

    This is release week for two of my novels. In the meantime here are a couple of excerpts from The Saint of BOYStown and SENSEI


    The SAINT of BOYStown small copy1Aa


    The Saint of BOYStown

    That’s not Cody lying in bed, looking for all the world like a male version of Sleeping Beauty. His muscles are nowhere to be found, because his body has shrunk, almost like he’s deflated. His breathing is so shallow that its hard to tell if he’s really taking in air on his own. Mom is already here, doing what a nurse usually would.

    As I watch her washing Cody I’m ashamed at how bratty I’ve been to her. She takes his arm, wiping a wet cloth over his skin ever so tenderly. The soap suds are close to the same color he is, but even with the sterile whiteness of the bed sheets, the peach tinted lava of the soap and Cody’s fading tan, I hope he can feel the love in her touch. I pray he can hear her voice, how she sings so sweetly to him, peppering a made-up melody with lyrics like “my beautiful boy.” She encourages him and herself by bragging about how everything’s gonna be just fine. Mom gives him a run-down on all the well-wishers and prayers from the community. I wish I had her kind of quiet strength. When she notices me standing in the doorway, she smiles and motions for me to come in. I hang back, feeling like I’m intruding on this private moment between a mother and her comatose child.

    “Talk to him, Nat,” she says. “I’m sure he’d like to know how you’re doing.”

    I don’t want to. All I want to do is transport the three of us back to Aunt Gina’s living room, when we were laughing and hollering at LeBron James and the Cavalier’s game seven win over Golden State. See, I want to have that kind of mind-over-matter type will, a “I refuse to go down” philosophy, the same power that LeBron and his teammates had. I want to will Cody to wake up.

    ~~~~~End of Excerpt~~~~~









    “I didn’t mean to disturb you,” Takeshi said. “I thought you might be thirsty.”

    With a half-smile and a deep throated “thank you,” she took the bottle, giving him a quick appraisal in the process. He was decent looking. Large hands, broad shoulders, big feet . . . Oh bloody hell, he was attractive in a ruggedly handsome sort of way. But that bowl haircut was totally wrong for his face. Nyesha guessed his age to be somewhere in his mid to late thirties, and just like she was checking him out, his attention was on her face, in addition to getting an up-close view of her bare breasts.