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Basketball Jones and Woke Music History

Remember this name: P. P. Arnold. In 1966 at the tender age of twenty she went over to England, recording with the greats of British music: Mic Jagger, Cat Stevens, Rod Stewart, the band Small Faces and Barry Gibbs.

P. P. Arnold – Then and Now

Patricia Arnold sang backup for the Ike and Tina Turner Revue, and traveled with them overseas. She quit the tour in 1966 and stayed in England, noting this: “A young black woman on her own in America in a white environment would not have been treated as well as I was in England.”

Pat’s UK hits included “Angel of the Morning” which became a big hit in the US for Merrilee Rush and country singer Juice Newton.

For more on P. P. Arnold’s legendary musical history, please visit her website: https://pparnold.com/biography

In later posts I’ll have more info on black women who made music history, since two of my novels deal with groundbreaking fictional singers (Jukebox Vol. One and The Queen of Comedy)


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