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    A big Thank You to readers outside of the U.S.

    I’m very grateful to all the readers who purchase my ebooks, and I have noticed readers buying from other countries.

    One of my many goals in writing and self publishing concerns having a lead female character from outside of the United States. For 2014, the Caribbean Islands represented in each of the three books below are:

    Love and Baseball – Barbados

    The Player – Trinidad

    Game. Set. Love. – Jamaica



    In addition, I have ebooks that didn’t come out last year, but I hope to have out in early 2014 with female lead characters from other parts of the world:

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    More GIFS and excerpts on the way!


    So, the site is back up, though I didn’t get to do all my updates. Some of the plugins I use don’t play well with the new version of WordPress. Anyway, I’m hard at work continuing with a final (hopefully final) edit on Razher, Rise of the Gargoyles. I wanted to put up an excerpt this past weekend, but I missed my deadline, so I’ll try for Thursday, December 26th.



    To pace myself I’ve been creating more covers and GIFS. A novella I’m excited about is “A Mighty Good Man” with a hero named Denzel “Denny” Mercado. He’s paired with a young lady who doesn’t believe guys like Denny exist.




    I found a few more models for my 2014 covers. Here’s just one of them :


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    Scifi Sampler is live on Amazon

    While the Scifi Sampler is live, the free download won’t kick in until tomorrow, Dec 19th. The excerpts will be free from the 19th until Saturday,  Dec 21st.

    Scifi Excerpts



    This weekend I hope to have up multi-chapter excerpts from Razher, Rise of the Gargoyles, Gaijin and RUSH on Amazon.com


    Razher promo small copy




    GAIJIN ebook cover




    Gaijin – A Colored Maiden’s Voyage and Recollections of Japan in the 1860s




    RUSH – motorcycle gang member falls for Somali Refugee


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    The WSC Scifi Sampler

    Download December continues with a six chapter excerpt from QUEENSREALM, and a three chapter excerpt from ENDWORLD available tomorrow and Monday, Dec 15th-16th on Amazon.   Sorry, I have to change that to December 16th and 17th. Strike that. December 18th and 19th appear more realistic, because I want to do one more edit to double check for typos.



    Tagline from QUEENSREALM: A Woman is a Weapon



    I’m posting both the code and an example of the first GIF:

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    My GIF to You


    Download December starts this weekend (Dec 14th and 15th). New excerpts in several genres will be available for free on Amazon. In preparation I’m creating a number of GIFS that readers can use, which will also  post on Saturday. Directions on how to save a Wikkid.Sexy.Cool GIF to your computer and using them in either an email or your own personal blog will be provided.

    With every GIF you take (and use) you help promote Wikkid.Sexy.Cool. Where multicultural romance rules!

    One more “gift” is an excerpt from a section of RUSH:




    She made the first move.
    I was replacing the spring plate on my bike’s kick stand when the wrench was blown clear outta my hand by a half flattened soccer ball. I got up from a squat, ready to do some serious butt kicking when I saw Aaliyah in the middle of the street.

    “Sorry about that. Can you give us back our ball?” she said, not looking the least bit sorry. I don’t know where her father was, but she sure wasn’t wearing a headscarf or a long skirt. It seemed like she’d borrowed a pair of her brother’s shorts.


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    Download December!


    It’s Download December, where readers can get early access to some of the new books coming out from wikkid.sexy.cool.com

    Starting this week, multiple chapter excerpts will be available to download on Amazon. The excerpts will be in a variety of genres, from scifi, military, suspense, new adult and commercial fiction (with a romance and diverse characters at the core of each story)



    A motorcycle gang protecting their territory

    Refugees attempting to revitalize a run-down area

    A deranged man determined to keep his loved ones imprisoned

    It all begins and ends in a RUSH




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    Remember Mandela


    Nelson Mandela 1918-2013



    Rest in peace Nelson Mandela.

    Arrested in 1962, imprisoned until Feb, 1990, I’m so happy that he got to live long enough to know how many he inspired and how much he was admired. Remember Mandela