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The Stone Boy is Live!


The Stone Boy is now up on Amazon. A promotional book trailer will be up later this week. As I teaser, I’ve found this cool photo of a kid with cornrows to use in the promo:


Derek from The Stone Boy wearing cornrows


It kinda sorta goes with a scene in the book:


They were all very attractive girls. The one he called Tiona wore a head full of braids that hung down her back. She posed, sticking out one of her shapely, muscular legs for Derek to admire. “Ooh, you should grow your hair out so I can braid it again,” she said. “Girl, Derek’s hair looked so good after I did his cornrows. He kept ‘em in for a long time.”

The smallest girl actually grabbed one of his bare arms to drape over her shoulders. Her haircut was short and her skin was so smoothly deep brown that it looked satiny. On her tip toes, she whispered something in his ear.

Derek laughed, attempting to pull away. “Y’all tryin’ to get me in trouble.”

“We love you, Derek,” a third girl professed, even as he leapt up his porch stairs to get away from them. He sat back down in his chair, and they followed him, a couple sitting on the ledge while the short one tried to sit in his lap.



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The Stone Boy, featuring Nicole and Derek

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