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    Thank You!!

    This is a post to thank all those who’ve downloaded  the free excerpt of The Saint of BOYStown on Amazon.com. When I created the character of Nathalie Childress, I knew she was someone special. I start the book off with Nat in the first chapter, because that’s how strong the “voice” of the character is.  I’ve included another excerpt below that I think readers will enjoy. It goes more into Tanner and Nathalie’s budding romance in the face of tragedy.



    Bonus Excerpt:

    “Do you always come up here to talk to yourself?” I ask him.

    “Yeah, most times I do. It makes me feel  . . . uh, closer.”

    I look around. We’re the only two people for miles. “Closer to who?”

    Tanner shrugs. “Ah, you know.”

    “No I don’t”

    “Did you do something different? Your face-”

    Oh crap. My little underwater stunt took off all my carefully placed dirt and grime. My face is clean, so he’s able to get a good look at me, especially since the sun is in my eyes. I try to play it off. “I think I’m coming down with something. I think I’ve got a fever.” I muster up a half-hearted cough. “You should stay back. I don’t wanna spread my germs.”

    “It’s okay.” He walks closer to the edge and starts talking, almost as if I’m not even there. “I converse with God up here. I do it a lot since the accident. I’m guessing it was God who told me not to get in the car with Cody. I’ve been trying to get God to talk to me again, to answer some questions I have.” This whole conversation is mighty uncomfortable, especially for me, but I don’t interrupt him. “My therapist says it’s called survivor’s guilt.” He does a little shrug, as if it’s no biggie.

    “I’ve heard of that,” I add, wishing he’d stop glancing my way, partly because he’s on the edge of a freakin’ mountain. “Wonder why Mason hasn’t experienced what you have?”

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    March Madness pick

    I’m putting up a Sneak Peek of The Saint of BOYStown on Amazon.com

    In 2015 I put up excerpts on this site and Scribd. What I didn’t do is release it. But I’ve got a digital trail dating back two years.

    The lead character is a teen female and bi-racial, looks more like the African American side of her family, her brother is in a coma due to a car accident, and she’s slowly falling for her brother’s friend. Oh, and she’s really grieving because she’s having a hard time dealing with what her brother, who was treated like an idol at her school, has done.

    Somehow I managed to hit on all of the above in the first chapter.

    I say all this, because I’ve decided to make The Saint of BOYStown one of my March Madness picks.

    The Sneak Peek is free for 5 days, starting tomorrow or basically, when it finishes publishing on Amazon.   IT’S LIVE! 

    Or you can click any of three images below and read the same excerpt via Scribd:


    The SAINT of BOYStown small copy1Aa


    The Saint of BOYStown promo copy copy


    Little Big Men copy
    Justin Ybarra, Tanner Joseph and Cody Childress, the three princes who are adored, in my New Adult BOYStown series


    The next book in this series features Justin Ybarra:

    The PRINCE of BOYStown small copy

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    An AA heroine with vitiligo

    In keeping with my theme of diversity (with a focus on underrepresented women of color in publishing), I’ve got a New Adult romance featuring a young woman who discovers just how strong she really is:


    Young lovers Bree and Stone, from the ebook The Gorgeous Nothings



    Pictured: Bree Silvestre, lead character in my New Adult romance about a sexual assault on a college campus.



    If a six foot-something man could shrink to two feet, that’s what Tyshawn did. My words seemed to make him fold into himself. His shoulders slump, and his face is crestfallen. “Bree, please . . . I just need to explain.”

    “No, you-you get back. Get back or I’ll scream. You were there, and you didn’t do a damn thing except laugh. You saw me on the ground, but you didn’t do anything to help me-”

    “I didn’t know you needed help! Jamie said you had too much to drink, and he was gonna help you get home.”

    “And you believed him.”

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    Funkin’ for Jamaica

    An excerpt from Game.Set.Love will be up this weekend. It’s been posted, so just click the photo to read it:

    Game.Set.Love. Adult Novella
    Game.Set.Love. Adult Novella

    And since the heroine, Sinead Landon hails from Jamaica, I thought I’d add this old skol video with the song by Tom Browne:



    A new chapter of The Men of Hilton Hall will be up shortly, and I’m also putting up an excerpt from Make Me Yours, a spin-off from RUSH, featuring a group of Somali Bantu refugees. I hope to have that up tonight. It’s already up, please click the photo to be redirected to the page.

    Make Me Yours. African American divorcee fall for her Somali Bantu college professor.
    Make Me Yours. African American divorcee falls for her Somali Bantu college professor


    I’ve been busy working my nine to five and also editing a number of books (Gaijin, Razher II, The Player, Queensrealm and Furies). I don’t release a book until I’m satisfied that I’ve done the very best I can, and since I’m up against a deadline with The Player, I’m off to do more editing!

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    Release updates and it’s time for a tearjerker

    I’ve written about werewolves and vampires and robots and angst filled teens and female soldiers, but I really didn’t have a true tearjerker in the lineup. So when I started this story:

    The Hereafter Song
    The Hereafter Song


    I realized this was a serious tearjerker. It’s probably the strongest to date of the tales I’ve penned regarding intra-racism, bullying and a slow building erotic romance.

    Yesterday was  Digital Art Saturday (I usually do most of my book promos on Saturdays) so for the Caribbean Queens series I’ve created this promo for the Pro-tennis doubles partners who fall for each other:


    Promo for the contemporary romance Game. Set. Love.



    Jamaican American tennis phenom falls for her sexy doubles partner



    RUSH comes out the week of April 10th. Here’s another promo:

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    Race and Romance

    I’ve decided to write a few blogs posts regarding Race and Romance, to be housed in another section of this site. I hope to put up the first post this Saturday, since I’m using the long weekend off from work to hunker down and get more stories finished.

    A few novellas I’ve created covers for that I’m currently working on are below, and they feature a number of older characters. I think all these models are stunningly beautiful women and I’m committed to the creation of works that feature diversity, but also making certain my covers represent not just African American women, but women of color from around the globe who are far too often under-represented in romance:

    Valerius Rex, a sword and sandals tale set during the Fourth Crusade



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    Stick a fork in it, because its done


    The Stone Boy is done. Well, as done as I can make it with so many edits that I’ve developed eye strain. And because I didn’t meet my self imposed deadline, I’ve added several thousand more words to the book.


    Promo for The Stone Boy



    The Stone Boy (this is the small sample, Sneak peek)



    I’m checking to make sure the formatting hasn’t magically shifted from my last inspection. After that, I’m gonna push the button and hopefully, it will be up before midnight tonight.

    Another excerpt from the book: