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Thank You!!

This is a post to thank all those who’ve downloaded  the free excerpt of The Saint of BOYStown on Amazon.com. When I created the character of Nathalie Childress, I knew she was someone special. I start the book off with Nat in the first chapter, because that’s how strong the “voice” of the character is.  I’ve included another excerpt below that I think readers will enjoy. It goes more into Tanner and Nathalie’s budding romance in the face of tragedy.



Bonus Excerpt:

“Do you always come up here to talk to yourself?” I ask him.

“Yeah, most times I do. It makes me feel  . . . uh, closer.”

I look around. We’re the only two people for miles. “Closer to who?”

Tanner shrugs. “Ah, you know.”

“No I don’t”

“Did you do something different? Your face-”

Oh crap. My little underwater stunt took off all my carefully placed dirt and grime. My face is clean, so he’s able to get a good look at me, especially since the sun is in my eyes. I try to play it off. “I think I’m coming down with something. I think I’ve got a fever.” I muster up a half-hearted cough. “You should stay back. I don’t wanna spread my germs.”

“It’s okay.” He walks closer to the edge and starts talking, almost as if I’m not even there. “I converse with God up here. I do it a lot since the accident. I’m guessing it was God who told me not to get in the car with Cody. I’ve been trying to get God to talk to me again, to answer some questions I have.” This whole conversation is mighty uncomfortable, especially for me, but I don’t interrupt him. “My therapist says it’s called survivor’s guilt.” He does a little shrug, as if it’s no biggie.

“I’ve heard of that,” I add, wishing he’d stop glancing my way, partly because he’s on the edge of a freakin’ mountain. “Wonder why Mason hasn’t experienced what you have?”

“I dunno. I’m just trying to be a better person,” he mutters, just before his gaze lowers.

I want to laugh so badly, but that would be such a hardened bitch move. “So . . . what will you do if God, if he or she answers you? I mean, what if there’s a bolt of lightning and a bush catches on fire, or some creature with wings lands behind you, like an angel?”

“I never thought about that.”

“Maybe you should.”

He gives a long sigh. It’s sad, like somebody just told him his dog died. “I haven’t got some stuff figured out, okay? That’s what I’m attempting to do, so don’t make it more complicated than it already is.”

“I’ll leave you alone. Only I think before God can get to you, he’s got a shitload of messages from me that he’s got to get to first.”

“Nat, I’m sorry. You don’t have to go. Do you wanna talk?”

“I’m good. I should let you get back to communing with your God and nature.”

“What about you? You came up here for some reason too, right?”

“I just like how it looks. There’s no place else on earth that’s as beautiful as this valley.”

“Come on, sit down.” He pats the ground as if it’s a soft pillow. At least he’s not so close to the edge anymore. “I’d like to know how Cody’s doing.”

I go ahead and take a seat, crossing my legs. “He’d not doing so good.” I guess Tanner figures I’m too far from him, because he slides over. I wish he’d quit staring at me. Whenever I catch him doing it he gives me a smile. Instead of smiling back I end up stuttering. “B-But he’s gonna wake up. And when he does, the truth will come out.”

~~~~~End of Excerpt~~~~~



Justin Ybarra and Suri copy copy
Pictured: Justin Ybarra and Su Su, from book 2, titled The Prince of BOYStown


Little Big Men copy
Pictured: Justin Ybarra, Tanner Joseph and Cody Childress, from The Saint of BOYStown


The PRINCE of BOYStown small copy

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