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Female Genital Mutilation

Nyesha Adu is an African woman living and working in Tokyo.


Pictured: Takeshi and Nyesha, from the erotic ebook SENSEI Click any photo to read a Chapter One Excerpt


In order to tell her story  I had to do heavy research (something that I do for most of my books). This book contains mature subject matter, like Female Genital Mutilation. It deals with how the main heroine copes with what has been done to her body. It also deals with the alienation and isolation of a thirty-something Japanese businessman who’s still a virgin. I touch on the sex trade and the changing economic status and cultural norms that women are facing in Japan. So while I do have books coming out with sweet love stories, this ain’t one of them. But it is a love story. And its a slow build erotic romance.





Nyesha in Tokyo. Photo by Kakidai, of red light district Kabukichō in Sinjyuku,Tokyo




She was in bed with him, and Takeshi couldn’t believe it. Her thighs cradled his. Her arm was loosely draped over his right shoulder. He didn’t dare move. Didn’t dream of breathing. As the realization dawned on him that this wasn’t a dream, there was a smile on his face as wide as a canyon.

“I know you’re awake.” There was drowsiness in her voice, and something else he couldn’t pinpoint. “I know you’re awake, because I’ve been playing with your body.”

He stiffened at her revelation. “I would like to be conscious when you do that.”

“I didn’t do much. I just kissed along your back and I rubbed your-”


“I rubbed your feet with my feet, because mine were cold.”

“Can I, may I turn around?” He held his breath until her answer.

“Yes you may.”

Finally exhaling, he rolled over as gently as he could, hoping not to intimidate her. “Hello, my love.”

“Hello.” Closing her eyes, Nyesha stretched out, her chest rising and falling at a steady pace. He’s not like the others. He loves me. He’d never hurt me.

End of Excerpt

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