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    Trigger Warnings

    Free Sneak Peeks go into effect tomorrow, Oct 31st until Wednesday, Nov. 2nd for the upcoming ebooks Ivy League and The Gorgeous Nothings, Bree and Stone.

    I’ve got a couple of books that I’ve decided to label with a trigger warning.

    Here’s the definition of a trigger warning:

    A statement at the start of a piece of writing, video, etc., alerting the reader or viewer to the fact that it contains potentially distressing material (often used to introduce a description of such content).

    The Gorgeous Nothings deals with sexual assault on a college campus. Since the assault happens to the lead character, I think its only fair to warn readers who may find the subject matter upsetting, especially if they have experienced rape. The Sneak Peek doesn’t contain the assault scene, that’s why there’s no trigger warning on it.


    Pictured: Bree Silvestre and Stone Ulrich, from the IR erotic romance The Gorgeous Nothings


    I’m debating whether I should put a trigger warning on SENSEI, since the lead character experiences both rape and sexual trafficking. However, in SENSEI, I don’t use first person or have the main character describe in detail what happened to her.

    As I familiarize myself with Amazon’s publishing process again (it’s been almost a year since I uploaded a manuscript), the Sneak Peeks serve a number of purposes for me. While Sneak Peeks are for marketing purposes, I’m able to correct format errors and process any changes Amazon has made. All my books, from the covers to the blurbs, are created in-house.


    IVY League is a love story that begins in college and continues on Capitol Hill. Kenya Paul is a liberal and active in the LGBTQ community. Brandon is conservative, and has just been elected to the House of Representatives when they re-connect in Washington, DC.

    Pictured: Kenya Paul and Brandon Wingate, lead characters from the IR romance IVY LEAGUE
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    Nigerian Girl

    Free extended excerpt promo of SENSEI coming shortly on Amazon!


    She will teach him how to love . . . He will teach her how to feel. Pictured: Nyesha and Takeshi, IR lovers from the erotic ebook SENSEI





    SENSEI Excerpt:


    Kabukichō 歌舞伎町


    Just north of Yasukuni-dori Avenue, Shibuya’s Kabukichō was a red light district made up of maze like streets crammed with all sorts of adult entertainment. Neon lit candy colored shop fronts beckoned like Venus Fly traps. There were any number of sex shops, massage parlors, host and hostess clubs, love hotels, and places to eat, sleep and shop. It was a seedy fantasy land with Lego like buildings stacked one on top of another, buildings that seemed to be there to simply house ads and jumbo-tron screens. Androgynous pretty boys and anime cartoon character females enticed visitors to come on in. Towering over it all was the iconic monster Godzilla, with his gleaming, demon orange eyes, illuminated talons and mouth widened in a fang filled roar. The streets were overcrowded, noisy and energized with gawkers and the adventurous. Every few steps a pushy Nigerian lad would try to get males to frequent his host club. This area was like home to Nyesha. It infused her with life and renewed her spirits. With so many attractions packed together the whole place was akin to being inside a life-sized pinball machine, where she was the ball.

    People got around on foot, scooters and bicycles. Many of the streets weren’t large enough for two cars, but there was always a stretch limo slowly cruising by. In the daytime Kabukichō was a dreary place, like a vampire confined to his coffin until the night sets him free. While police would sweep through the area in their black and red vests, the Yakuza ran Kabukichō.

    Ojiro Mori, aka Mr. O stood by his Ferrari 458 Speciale convertible, his eyes shielded by sunglasses, his skin reddened instead of tanned. In the passenger side of his white sports car was a stunning black girl wearing a floral headscarf. Nyesha guessed the girl’s age to be less than 21, but over 12.

    “Ojiro,” Nyesha said, one of the only people who dared to call him by his first name.

    Instead of speaking he simply nodded. The girl in the car caught his cue, lowering her head.

    Nyesha fought against feelings of revulsion and anger over the girl’s situation. What she couldn’t control were the images of the past that came roaring into her mind. “Kimochii” was a word she’d have to whisper in a childish, high pitched squeal to let the client know what he was doing felt good. Even when it didn’t.

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    Female Genital Mutilation

    Nyesha Adu is an African woman living and working in Tokyo.


    Pictured: Takeshi and Nyesha, from the erotic ebook SENSEI Click any photo to read a Chapter One Excerpt


    In order to tell her story  I had to do heavy research (something that I do for most of my books). This book contains mature subject matter, like Female Genital Mutilation. It deals with how the main heroine copes with what has been done to her body. It also deals with the alienation and isolation of a thirty-something Japanese businessman who’s still a virgin. I touch on the sex trade and the changing economic status and cultural norms that women are facing in Japan. So while I do have books coming out with sweet love stories, this ain’t one of them. But it is a love story. And its a slow build erotic romance.





    Nyesha in Tokyo. Photo by Kakidai, of red light district Kabukichō in Sinjyuku,Tokyo




    She was in bed with him, and Takeshi couldn’t believe it. Her thighs cradled his. Her arm was loosely draped over his right shoulder. He didn’t dare move. Didn’t dream of breathing. As the realization dawned on him that this wasn’t a dream, there was a smile on his face as wide as a canyon.

    “I know you’re awake.” There was drowsiness in her voice, and something else he couldn’t pinpoint. “I know you’re awake, because I’ve been playing with your body.”

    He stiffened at her revelation. “I would like to be conscious when you do that.”

    “I didn’t do much. I just kissed along your back and I rubbed your-”

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    Dialogue for the Day

    “I’ve got pre-made pieces that I can easily slip into, like these panties.” Nyesha held up a crocheted thong for Takeshi’s inspection. He nodded, fingering the material, secretly fantasizing its stretch over her derrière. “I use a mannequin for most of my ready-made wear,” she said.

    “May I?”

    “May you what?”

    “Smell them.”

    She grinned, enjoying where this was heading.

     – Scene from the upcoming erotic romance SENSEI


    Another promo for SENSEI


    New Takeshi and Nyesha promo2

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    Woman on top

    Nyesha Adu is nobody’s victim.

    Over the years she’s left a trail of broken hearts and emptied bank accounts, but Takeshi Nishikowa is different. Sweetly earnest and fiercely protective of her, for the first time in Nyesha’s life she just might be ready to stick around for a while. That is, until secrets from her past threaten their growing love affair, forcing Takeshi to return to a life he’d left behind.


    Nyesha edited_watermarked
    Nyesha Adu relaxes in the home of the latest man she’s conned, Takeshi Nishikowa.




    Man bound and on his knees with logo1
    Pictured: Takeshi Nishikowa, from the erotic thriller SENSEI





    Nyesha wore a black trench coat that was clinched at the waist. With her hands in her pockets, she did a bouncy walk toward him. “You’ve been following me.”


    “You’re not a very good liar.”

    It was true. Her stare caused Takeshi to drop his head, unable to meet her eyes. “Yes,” he blurted.

    “See? Now doesn’t it feel better to tell the truth?”

    “Yes . . . and no.” Takeshi nodded vigorously as he answered, because he hadn’t been truthful. “No, I am ashamed.”

    “Why? It’s kind of a turn on for me.”



    Another Sensei promo edited
    Takeshi and Nyesha, from the soon to be released erotic romance SENSEI


    Surprised, his head jerked up. “I-I thought you would be angry.”

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    Adults Only

    I think I’ll stake out some space on this site for uncut love scenes. Until then, here’s another excerpt from SENSEI, a AMBW erotic romance that will be out shortly:


    Pictured: Takeshi and Nyesha, from the IR erotic ebook SENSEI




    His wide eyed, attentive gaze followed the path of the nylon rope circling his waist. She’d advised him to look in the overhead mirror if he wanted to view her work from behind, so that’s what Takeshi did, welcoming her presence as she stood there, fussing with a loop at the small of his back, bringing up robe ends of equal length between his legs, then dividing them into opposite directions at his crotch.

    The silence was broken by Nyesha’s hurried explanation. “Since this is your first time I won’t bind your elbows or your hands. I want you to feel comfortable. And safe.

    He gave her a grateful nod. Though she was all business, each time her knuckles and finger tips brushed against him, his arousal grew.

    With a single strand of rope pulling along his rectum, the friction was exquisite, causing Takeshi to rock on his bare heels. Nyesha continued to tell herself she was doing this for his benefit, not hers. She was the rigger and he was the bottom, and his needs came before anything else. But his clinching butt cheeks didn’t go unnoticed. So she paused, asking if she should continue, taking the time to compose herself. He nodded, eyes now squeezed shut, focused solely on her nearness and the way she breathed steady and sure, barely exhaling. Truly, he craved her warm breath as it caressed his skin.


    Takeshi and Nyesha