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When a book writes itself

This is the third time its happened. The first time was when I penned The Stone Boy. Then it was the refugee/biker romance RUSH, featuring the motorcycle gang The Suicide Kings. It happened again with an upcoming ebook, and I can’t explain why it happens, but sometimes a story line, its characters and most of all, the scenes(dialogue and descriptions) are clear enough to type, and the pages soon make up a book.

Readers, thank you for your patience. I’m gearing up for a roll out beginning this month. Because I’ve been busy writing, I’ll need to do some marketing. Part, but not all of the roll out will include free sneak peak promos with several chapters to generate interest. Advertising and marketing can sometimes be the toughest part of being an indie writer, so please keep on the look out for:


Lvy League new promo copy
She’s bisexual and a democrat. He’s straight and conservative. Somehow the left and the right will meet in the middle.



Long Ago and Far Away ebook cover watermarked
Who needs a fairy godmother when you’ve got three sister-witches in your corner? Because it will take the power of three to face off against an old adversary, in order to give this couple a happy ending.


3 witches nu copy watermarked
Pagan, Ondine and Lilith, witches from the ebook Long Ago and Far Away



Lilith, the head witch in charge


Nyesha and Takeshe Sensei ebook cover resized smaller
Nothing is forbidden – and there is no safe word for these adventurous lovers



City girl falls hard for a country boy




Also coming soon:


Forget what you think you know about true love:




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