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The Anti-heroine


I’ve got two versions of the same bad ass anti-heroine. In the first pic, she’s got lion teeth. The second pic was actually the one I’d edited first, but she looked too much like a vampire (or werewolf with the bottom teeth), so I changed it to better represent her species, which is Panthera Leo.  The lion teeth may be a bit too big for my taste, so I may just go with my first edit (plus the teeth are whiter).



Lioness edited copy resized
Lioness, an anti-heroine from the paranormal ebook FERAL



Lioness resized copy
Meet Lioness, the royal head of House Panthera Leo from the ebook FERAL










Just a few of my anti-heroines:


Sisters of Mercy ebook cover
Sisters of Mercy



The Mad Queen of OFFWORLD
The Mad Queen of OFFWORLD



Genysis holding repurposed rifle copy glow added and watermarked
Genysis, from Miss Brighton’s School for Exceptional Young Ladies



Miss Brightons School for Exceptional Young Ladies edited copy




Sable from ID small copy
Sable from I.D.

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