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Play on, Player

Harlow and Kyle’s love story THE PLAYER is up for release along with another interracial romance titled HUI. I’d recreated several covers for The Player, and decided to use this one:



The Player
The Player



Here are the other covers (I’m still planning on using them for promos):



New Promo for The Player copy
Kyle and Harlow from the interracial romance The Player.




The Player resized promo
Harlow and Kyle, the main couple in the interracial romance The Player




This post is in development, but when I get the chance tonight I’ll post a riveting excerpt. There are two new couples who are introduced in this book. One couple’s story has already been released (Torii and Ethan from At Last)  The other couple is Adam and Eva. Adam is a Veterinarian, and Eva is a veteran of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s all I’ll say for now.


Adam and Eva1 cover glow added small size

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