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Movers and Shakers

There are a number of sequels to RUSH which follow several characters and introduce new ones. First up will be Daniel Semboga’s love story:

Make Me Yours. African American divorcee fall for her Somali Bantu college professor.
Make Me Yours. African American divorcee falls for her Somali Bantu college professor.


Then there’s Rory and Roxie’s love story. Roxie’s an exotic dancer who assists Rory (from RUSH) after he finds out his late dad owned Wallbanger’s, the strip club that plays a central part in the mystery of Turk’s disappearance and several other murders:


Rory and Roxie in a sequel to RUSH


Gauge and Keisha’s story concerns a threat to her life. She needs protection based on what and who she knows. He makes her laugh. Who knew loving a biker could be this fun? Or so dangerous?:


Gauge and Keisha small copy



Gauge and Keisha's RUSH sequel
Gauge and Keisha’s RUSH sequel

There’s also a love interest for Boner and two more characters, plus the continuation of the main couple, Aiden and Aaliyah’s tale. 



I’m re-editing Razher: Rise of the Gargoyles and Gaijin’s ending

was changed, because that’s a stand alone book. Writing Iron Mike gave me an idea for a kick ass fembot heroine. Here’s the book cover for I.D. AKA Intelligent Design:

iD final cover2 small
I. D. They put a barcode on her ass and a bounty on her head.


More to come . . . 

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