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    RUSH – A Different Kind of Love Story

    RUSH will be out any day now. I’ve created a few more promos with the title of the book strategically placed as a watermark on the first pix 🙂


    Aiden and Aaliyah together at last promo
    Motorcycle gang member falls for Somali Bantu refugee in the ebook RUSH


    I’d wanted to write a book that featured a refugee for a while, but the pitfall with a character like Aaliyah is making sure she’s not a Mary Sue.

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    A Woman is a Weapon

    That’s my tagline, and the very first sentence of my epic, Scifi multi-cultural romance QUEENSREALM.

    QUEENSREALM - the war between man and woman  was inevitable.
    In QUEENSREALM,  the war between man and woman is inevitable.


    Once I started with a powerful opening sentence, a major stumbling block was the prose that followed, which had to be just as riveting. Hopefully I’ve succeeded in doing just that. I began writing this book a few years ago, left it alone, then came back to it.

    While the novel is done, I need to release RUSH before I send out the full ebook of QUEENSREALM. My tentative release date is May 15th (I say tentative, due to the demands of my 9 to 5).  Marketing for this book will be much different for me, since the genre will include African American fiction, scifi and urban fantasy.

    I’ve woven published modern scientific theories into the story and current goings on so that the premise isn’t so far fetched. And its also because I do love actual science.

    But it’s also a futuristic look at the military, and a bleak, dystopian tale. And there’s no fade to black sex scenes. Not even with the aliens. To read the first chapter, please click on the photo.

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    Twist and Shout

    I’m hunkering down to finish up checking my OMG (Outlaw Biker Gang) facts in RUSH.


    Scenes from RUSH
    Scenes from RUSH


    Aiden and Aaliyah from RUSH
    Aiden and Aaliyah from RUSH


    This book was supposed to be out weeks ago,but unfortunately, life interrupted. I’m also finishing up the storyline twists in RAZHER, Rise of the Gargoyles


    Razher promo small copy
    Razher promo small copy



    QUEENSREALM - A woman is a weapon
    QUEENSREALM – A woman is a weapon


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    HEAVEN is a quarterfinalist in the 2014 ABNAs

    HEAVEN made the quarterfinals of Amazon’s ABNA contest for 2014.

    The linked screenshot below shows the place holder for  the excerpt’s  first 5,000 words (which are identical to the already released novel).

    Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award excerpt of YA novel HEAVEN
    Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award excerpt of YA novel HEAVEN


    I wasn’t going to enter this year, but I decided at the last minute to go ahead and submit it. Last year JUKEBOX was cut before this round, but prior to that (in 2012) it made the semi-finals.

    The ebook HEAVEN
    The ebook HEAVEN



    JUKEBOX Volume One
    JUKEBOX Volume One


    For those interested in entering next year, Amazon usually puts up an announcement in either December or January. As in prior years I plan on posting it on this blog in order to encourage more authors to enter, especially authors of color who write interracial romance or have a diverse set of characters in their novels. Writing can be a very solitary endeavor, but there’s a great group of authors on the ABNA boards both new and experienced who offer assistance and are supportive, should you choose to enter.

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    RUSH Week, the final excerpt

    A scene from RUSH:

    Scene from RUSH - Aiden and Aaliyah kissing in field
    Scene from RUSH – Aiden and Aaliyah as teens, kissing in a field


    I need to stress that this is an edited photo. I wanted to duplicate a scene from the book, so I manipulated purchased images to do it.


    Aiden DeLucca from the ebook RUSH. Motorcycle gang member falls for Somali Banu refugee in RUSH
    Aiden DeLucca from the ebook RUSH. Older and wiser, out of jail and out of time.



    Final Excerpt:


    Most days I only went to school when I felt like going. Sometimes I went just to keep warm and to be in the mix with kids closer to my age. The city had built a new high school that could hold two thousand kids. We had security cameras and computers in just about every classroom, but we were still the lowest performing school in the county.

    Sometimes I’d pass a couple of them Somali kids in the hallway, but I could never get ’em to look me in the eye. I wasn’t sure if the girl I’d seen would be in with the ones at my school, but one day I was going up the stairs and a bunch of ’em were coming down, and while the ones in front were chattering away I saw her, the same girl who’d been playing in the snow.

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    Just for RUSH Week: Another excerpt

    I’ve got another excerpt from RUSH:

    RUSH - For her love he'll take a stand
    RUSH – For her love he’ll take a stand




    The very first time I saw Aaliyah it was snowing. I had to go out and shovel in front of the clubhouse because Turk didn’t like snow blocking the door. A bunch of women who looked like big ass penguins were running after some kids that were trying to catch snowflakes in their hands and their mouths.