RUSH excerpt


A motorcycle gang protecting their territory

Refugees attempting to revitalize a run-down area

A deranged man determined to keep his loved ones imprisoned

It all begins and ends . . . in a RUSH


Motorcycle gang member Aiden falls for Somali Bantu refugee Aaliyah, in the ebook RUSH
Motorcycle gang member Aiden falls for Somali Bantu refugee Aaliyah, in the ebook RUSH


Book Blurb:

He’s called Ghost. And he’s tired of running from who he really is, and the girl he truly loves.


When Aiden “Ghost” De Lucca sees even more Somali Bantu immigrants moving onto the dead end street his motorcycle gang has taken over, their close-knit ethnic ties make him not only curious, but also anxious at what his gang will do to drive them out.

There’s one refugee he’s developed feelings for, a girl struggling with adjusting to life in the US and the expectations placed on her.

Because Aiden didn’t grow up following rules, he wonders why someone as young as Aaliyah Saamir is so religious. Yet the more he’s exposed to Aaliyah’s defense of her faith, the more he’s faced with realizing that the life he’s led has its own strict code, and breaking free will not only be highly dangerous for him, but also for Aaliyah.


My breasts are like new buds on a tree, yet men continue to stare, wondering aloud what delights I hide from them under my hijab. I have two arms and two legs like other girls, but sometimes my classmates taunt us, saying we have horns and tails, and no one stops them, not even my teachers. Students join in the laughter, making me think that high school will be hard, even harder than the refugee camp. There I knew what I faced each day. I knew when my stomach spoke, only food would quiet it. But here, there is always something new to learn. And each day I must choose between what is haraam – forbidden, unlawful – and halaal.

 – Aaliyah, from the ebook RUSH






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