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I Scifi. Do U?


Gotta share this tumblr post by way of

Let me tell you a story about media representation and how it informs creativity



I love science fiction. Octavia Butler and Ray Bradbury are a few of my early writing influences, and so we’ve got a couple of scifi offerings coming up this fall: QUEENSREALM and OFFWORLD

How to categorize these ebooks on Amazon will be a challenge, so don’t be surprised to see them bouncing in several different categories once they’re released. For example, my daughter and I decided to put HEAVEN in both African American women’s fiction and also a sub category of teen fiction, because of the adult content. However, whenever Amazon changes its algorithms (like this week, when the site went down without explanation) after making a comeback up the charts, we’re now working hard to regain the traction we had before Amazon’s site snafu.

More sneak peek offerings to come, which include a five chapter excerpt of  OFFWORLD:



Pictured: from left to right: Kadek No’am, Janhoy 1st Class. Upper right: The Child King, Tydaris Ridae, Cura Regis Divine. Lower right: Leonidas Sinclair, Man of Many Centuries


Credits for Steampunk model with braids: wardrobe and styling: Kit Stolen.


Steampunk model with leather mouth piece: Famke Backx, photographer

Goggled hat Steampunk model: inhauscreative photography

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