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    Game.Set. LOVE

    Roger Federer and Venus Williams have been dubbed the “ageless” ones because of the great tennis they’re playing in their thirties. Roger won a record 8th Wimbledon men’s tennis title, while Venus made it to the women’s final at the age of 37 (tying tennis great Martina Navratilova). Venus fell to Garbiñe Muguruza Blanco in straight sets.


    Venus Williams congratulates Garbiñe Muguruza after the Wimbledon Womens Final
    Venus Williams congratulates Garbiñe Muguruza after the Wimbledon Womens Final. Photo by Susan Mullane -USA Today


    Garbiñe is the future of women’s tennis, but Venus has now made it to 2 finals this year (Australian Open and Wimbledon). Here’s a good article on just what Venus has accomplished:

    Relentless and Tough, Venus Graces a Spotlight All Her Own After Wimbledon Run


    My fictional tennis player, Sinead Landon, is trying to reach the heights of the Williams sisters. Once she’s paired with Didi Botha, a charismatic tennis pro, they become more than just doubles partners.


    Sinead Landon holding tennis racquet
    Sinead Landon holding tennis racquet


    Tennis doubles partners fall in love in the erotic romance Game.Set. LOVE pictured: Tristan "Didi" Botha and Sinead Landon
    Tennis doubles partners fall in love in the erotic romance Game.Set. LOVE pictured: Tristan “Didi” Botha and Sinead Landon




    “I had the fastest serve in the game for a while. One hundred and thirty-five.” Didi’s muscles appeared to expand in pride as he spoke. “Blew my shoulder out, had surgery, and I’ve been slowly working my way back.”

    Pity for his plight moved Sinead to say, “I’m so sorry.”

    “For what? A serve is just one of the weapons a tennis player has. Sure, I could hit ‘em with the best but my unforced errors were shameful.” He leaned back, draping an arm over the empty chairs at his side. “Now that I’ve got my errors at a manageable number I’m holding my own. I run down all the balls hit my way, and I’ve got the title of best terrier in the game. I’m Michael Chang 2.0.”

    Mesmerized by the sudden flash of his smile, Sinead just nodded.

    Now that he had her full attention, Didi continued with, “You’ve got the fire-power, and you’re versatile. I’ve seen your interviews and you’re knowledgeable about the history of the game. I like how you’re showing the proper amount of respect and humility to the superstars who came before you. Sinead, you’re the future of tennis.”

    She couldn’t help blushing. And noticing how well he filled out his tee shirt. God, he was a beautifully built man. And his smile! Sinead’s heart just melted when he’d grin. She had a mad crush on her doubles partner and he didn’t even know it.

    ~~~~~End of Excerpt~~~~~

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    Read the first chapter of Game.Set. LOVE here

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    Woman is Boss

    That’s the fictional hit song of a Trini rapper named Ozzy AKA The Great OZ from The Player. This ebook is part of my Caribbean Queens Series.

    The Great Oz, from T&T
    The Great Oz, from T&T

    Caribbean Queens Promo2 smaller copy

    I’m releasing excerpts from all three books (excerpts from The Player and Love and Baseball are already up on this site). Next comes Game.Set.Love. featuring Tristan “Didi” Botha and Sinead Landon, two tennis doubles pros who fall madly in love. Carnival is what connects all three heroines. Sinead is from Jamaica,

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    Release updates and it’s time for a tearjerker

    I’ve written about werewolves and vampires and robots and angst filled teens and female soldiers, but I really didn’t have a true tearjerker in the lineup. So when I started this story:

    The Hereafter Song
    The Hereafter Song


    I realized this was a serious tearjerker. It’s probably the strongest to date of the tales I’ve penned regarding intra-racism, bullying and a slow building erotic romance.

    Yesterday was  Digital Art Saturday (I usually do most of my book promos on Saturdays) so for the Caribbean Queens series I’ve created this promo for the Pro-tennis doubles partners who fall for each other:


    Promo for the contemporary romance Game. Set. Love.



    Jamaican American tennis phenom falls for her sexy doubles partner



    RUSH comes out the week of April 10th. Here’s another promo:

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    For Love of the Game and the new TV season

    I have to share this poster from the new show Sleepy Hollow:


    Sleepy Hollow on FOX


    This new show, along with Ironside (starring Blair Underwood) Crisis (starring Lance Gross) Almost Human (starring Karl Urban and Michael Ealy) and the returning hit show Scandal (Kerry Washington, Columbus Short) will finally have more actors of color in leading or co-starring roles on television.


    Almost Human with Karl Urban and Michael Ealy on Fox



    I’m also looking forward to Jonathan Rhys Myers as Dracula.

    Working on: Tennis novella about doubles partners who fall in love



    Game. Set. Love. Doubles partners fall for each other




     Character backstories are very important to me, so both leads have experienced the ups and downs in their professions. I hope to have an excerpt up soon.

    The Stone Boy will be released this week.