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    Yasssss . . . March Madness

    March Madness is back! I’ll have reduced priced ebooks and sneak peeks at the new ones that will be released. I write because I love crafting stories. What I’m terrible at is sticking to a release date, because all of a sudden a new scene will pop into my head, or I’ll need to do another edit. So please believe me when I say, thanks to all you readers who’ve been patient. The Queen of Comedy and other longer works are a priority, and I’m diligently working on making them the best tales that I can.


    Yassss . . . Lovers Lisa and Seth, from Reinventing Lisa



    Reinventing Lisa promo with three scenes



    Silence greeted Seth’s ears as fear flooded his body. Moonlight made it easier to realize Lisa wasn’t taking in a midnight snack. The kitchen was just as spotless as they’d left it. In the stillness he grew aware of steady breathing, and the sense that he was being watched. Seth rotated in the direction of the hallway that connected several first floor rooms, stopping to squint his eyes and focus on the living room.

    She was sitting in the rocking chair with a duvet covering her.


    Instead of a response, Lisa drew her knees up to her chin. Seth called out to her again. “Lisa? What’s wrong?”

    “I-I saw you just like that, the first day I was here.”

    “Like what?” Each footstep brought him closer to her.


    Seth dropped his head. Placing one bare foot behind the other, he reversed course. “And it didn’t scare you off?”

    “No.” Her next words were muffled by the duvet. “I couldn’t take my eyes off you.”

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    The Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is next Monday and Tuesday.  In honor of this festival, I’m lowering the price of The Player to 99 cents.

    Trinidad beauty queen falls for NFL quarterback
    Trinidad beauty queen falls for NFL quarterback


    carnival promo2Aa



    Carnival photo by Andrea De Silver of Reuters_ featuing Wendy Fitzwilliam


    Ozzy on his own copy
    Ozzy is the ex-factor, from the ebook The Player


    Excerpt from The Player:

    “I wish I could’ve seen you dance live back then.” He was sprawled on her bed with one of his long legs cocked up while the other was diagonal, his heel along the mattress edge. The way his legs were divided gave her a clear view of what lay heavy and thick between his legs.

    The way his eyes got that dreamy look in them, like he was imagining a number of things with her in that outfit gave Harlow an idea. “Close your eyes. Don’t open them until I tell you,” she ordered. “You’ve been a very good boy so I think you deserve a reward.”

    “I hope it’s what I think it is. But I may be wrong. Are you gonna do it? Are you gonna-”

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    An AA heroine with vitiligo

    In keeping with my theme of diversity (with a focus on underrepresented women of color in publishing), I’ve got a New Adult romance featuring a young woman who discovers just how strong she really is:


    Young lovers Bree and Stone, from the ebook The Gorgeous Nothings



    Pictured: Bree Silvestre, lead character in my New Adult romance about a sexual assault on a college campus.



    If a six foot-something man could shrink to two feet, that’s what Tyshawn did. My words seemed to make him fold into himself. His shoulders slump, and his face is crestfallen. “Bree, please . . . I just need to explain.”

    “No, you-you get back. Get back or I’ll scream. You were there, and you didn’t do a damn thing except laugh. You saw me on the ground, but you didn’t do anything to help me-”

    “I didn’t know you needed help! Jamie said you had too much to drink, and he was gonna help you get home.”

    “And you believed him.”

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    Hey Soul Sista

    My Wednesdays will never be the same now that EMPIRE is on hiatus until the fall. I’m so happy for Taraji P. Henson, as well as the other stars of the show.


    New Nightstalkers promo with Cookie resized
    Only Cookie can tame the supernaturals of NIGHTSTALKERS


    As I mentioned in a previous post, I need to get back to a few of my older novels in order to take them forward with their sequels. JUKEBOX II is also on that list:

    Simone of the 70s resized
    Simone Westwood goes solo during the 1970s, releasing her inner funk diva in JUKEBOX Volume II


    I’m going to include JUKEBOX One in the MARCH MADNESS deals that kick off this week:





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    Plan B

    Hmmm . . . it was faster to file a copyright and upload my Sampler on Scribd than Amazon.com

    So, I’ve gotta go with Plan B. Click the cover and you’ll be re-directed to SCRIBD:  **Update**  Since its now live on Amazon I’ve taken it off Scribd in accordance with Amazon’s terms of service. Click the cover and it re-directs to the Amazon page:

    WSC ebook sampler small copy



    A FREE PDF download is available for a limited time on SCRIBD. Just click the little “Share on social networks icon” to the right of the page:

    download icon on Scribd


    **UPDATE** So the book is live on Amazon but the wait continues, because the nearest date to list it as free is tomorrow, Sept 30th. 

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    Thank HEAVEN! NA ebook now available on Amazon

    HEAVEN, the love story of a teen inmate, a wounded Marine and the service dog they both adore is available for purchase (ebook, Kindle) at Amazon here


    HEAVEN ebook cover



    I hope to get the book trailer up soon, and also post a favorite scene from the novel here. Again, many thanks to all those who read the excerpt and decided to purchase the ebook. This story made the Quarterfinals of Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Awards in 2011


    A favorite scene that takes place in the prison. Josh is visiting Nevaeh: