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    Excerpts from The Player and RUSH 2

    For me, the story and also character development are of utmost importance in my novels. So I’ve been working hard to become not only a better writer, but a better editor. For readers who’ve been wondering when another full length novel will be released, I can tell you that it will be very soon.


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    The Player


    “So,” Harlow said, tracing a gentle fingertip along Kyle’s lower jaw. “How many of your brothers have a dimple right here” ─ she pressed the deep groove that was smack in the middle of his chin ─ “like yours?”

    With his eyes closed, Kyle gave her a sleepy chuckle before answering. “I’m the only one.”

    Feeling wonderfully sated but still frisky enough to make love again, Harlow molded her body to his. “Ooh . . . so who do look like, your mother or your father?”


    “You’re a combination of both, huh?”

    “No. I look like the guy my mother had an affair with while my dad was overseas.” When her finger caress stilled, he opened one eye to gauge her expression.